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Gaming is good! Gaming is fun! Gaming is the best form of entertainment ever invented – and it’s become more and more fun and more immersive each year. But then mobile gaming happened, and something has changed – the focus of gaming has shifted on the casual, and game makers have changed their main goal from entertaining to making money.

Today’s mobile games are all about cash. Even the most innocent looking titles developed by independent designers will have ads in them – and the ones released by bigger game studios are almost exclusively built around in-app purchases.

Why can’t mobile games all be like the ones at the Euro Palace?

First of all, the Euro Palace Casino makes it clear from the beginning that in order to play you need to pay. They don’t hide their intentions under layers of “free” offers – they require their players to put their money on the line. And their rewards are real, not like those offered by “freemium” mobile games – at Euro Palace you can actually win real money if you play.

And when it comes to variety, there’s no social game that can compete with the Euro Palace online casino and other portals like it. Euro Palace has more than 100 different games you can play on the go, and hundreds more if you play through their website or downloadable suite.

And it is also the one mobile game of its type that’s truly free. You can register a “for fun” account at the Euro Palace casino and play as much as you want – for “fun money”, of course. Aside from some reminders that you should switch to “real” mode to win real money (which are far less intrusive than the ones you can see in social games), there’s nothing pushing you toward a purchase. And most importantly – there are no ads anywhere.

When it comes to the so-called “free” games you can play on your phone, developers understand this word in a much broader sense. First of all, ads are all over the place. Some games will interrupt you every few minutes to show you a banner or a short video before you continue playing. When you run out of “lives”, you are required to watch a video or pay up in order to continue – or wait for hours until your “lives” re-fill.

It’s the “arcade” era all over again. But this time, instead of having the choice to insert a coin into the game or not, you are force fed ads that support the game developers. Even if the game sucks – which happens more often than you would think.