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With the gaming industry now being a massive player in the global entertainment market, the stakes are higher than ever for games developers to deliver titles that visually appealing as well as endlessly playable.

From the hyper-fluid graphical developments of battle arena games, to some retro-flavoured online slots titles that have introduced a new generation of gamers to traditional genres, here are some of the ways that a range of different worlds have been successfully rendered into iconic video games.

Vain Glory

It’s incredible to think how far games graphics have come in recent years. In just over a decade we’ve come from the blocky graphics of the Nintendo 64 to the point where razor sharp battle arena games such as Vainglory can be played in the palm of the hand.

A big part of the appeal of these titles is the way in which they use smoothly animated characters to roam across detailed environments in a multiplayer format that pushes the latest generation of smartphones to the limit.

But there’s also been a wave of online games that seem to revel in a more retro-themed visual appeal. Whereas the words ‘blocky’ and ‘pixellated’ once used to have negative connotations, they’ve been embraced by the tower defence games such as Bloons 5 who use the simplistic and colourful graphics to great effect on the smaller-screened devices.

This kind of ethos has also been carried over at the Mr Smith Casino site where online slots fans can go back to the ‘future’ with the Retro Reels game that enables gamers to focus on the action whilst taking in the vintage charms of the precisely-rendered gaming interface.


And then there’s a series of games that have successfully pursued their own individual aesthetic in a way that marks them out from the competition. In particular, games like Limbo have delivered beautifully-rendered grainy black and white worlds for the gamer to explore, whereas Badlands made excellent use of dreamy colour and dark silhouettes to present a mesmerising collection of landscapes that showed of the capacities of advanced smartphone screens to the max.

However, in terms of pure abstraction, it’s hard to compete with the charms of Agar.io that presents a stark image of biochemistry that reveals that, much like a game of online slots, simplicity is sometimes the key to providing an entrancing gaming experience.