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Free Proxy to Access Global Video and Music Streaming Services

Hulu Proxy

Everyone appreciates watching quality videos and listening to their favorite music. These simple pleasures in life may sometimes become blocked. Websites such as   Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and online services such as Hulu.com, Sony music unlimited, or History and Nickelodeon; including many others, may restrict access based on geographic location. If you live outside a permitted region, your access to streaming or downloading your favorite videos or music may be blocked.

The best way to resolve these regional restrictions is to use the services of a reputable DNS Proxy Server. Smart DNS Proxy is a new service provided by Global Stealth Inc. This company has a renowned reputation in international internet security. Their skilled employees are dedicated to providing their customers with a secure server. They diligently maintain the privacy of every proxy user, by providing complete anonymity to all their valued customers.



Smartdnsproxy.com uses advance technology, which is quicker and more efficient than the alternative technology used by other DNS Proxy Servers. Their uncomplicated procedures do not require special software or a time-consuming connection and disconnection process. Proxy users have access to global video and music streaming and downloading on numerous devices: laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, mobile smart phones, or smart TVs.

Customers have unprecedented access to a comprehensive support system. They can read various informative articles that can help resolve unexpected problems or answer any of their questions. If customers prefer, they can chat online with friendly, knowledgeable experts or email their concerns and questions to customer support team members, when needed.

Smart DNS Proxy wants proxy users worldwide to experience the distinctive high quality differences in installation, set-up, service, and support; they offer a 100% free proxy service for fourteen days. Your email address will verify your account.  You do not need to provide a credit card to accept this offer. When the trial period has ended, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the four economical plans that best suits your needs.

Customers around the world have given positive feedback from their experiences as a Smart DNS Proxy user.

“This product works exactly as advertised, and is virtually transparent. There is no perceivable slowdown in the speed with which my internet activity occurs.” Canada 6/16/2015

“I opened a support ticket and it was dealt very promptly. Great service. Definitely I suggest.”  Auckland, New Zealand  6/5/2015

“Great price and service. Easy to set-up.”  Canada, Wellington  5/26/2015

“Smart DNS Proxy is a constantly reliable service.”  Ireland  5/20/2015


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