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How to Watch Geo-Blocked Movies And TV Shows

Geo-blocked Netflix

Getflix’s Smart DNS Technology

If you want to bypass Geo-blocking, you’re going to need a smart DNS Technology. Geo-blocking is designed to stratify content per region. Thankfully, DNS gets around this, allowing you to view movies, television shows, and listen to music without being cut off in your location.

How DNS Technology Works

Smart DNS Technology, like that offered by Getflix.com.au, shuffles IP addresses to confuse automated blocking protocols. A country will have a particular kind of IP assigned, but when you use the right service, US servers pull a sort of swap which replaces your IP with that of the country whose media you’re trying to view. Additionally, with the right service, your usual browsing experience will continue without being compromised.

If you’re going to get this service for a monthly fee, you might as well find a provider who offers the most features. Some things to add to your checklist include:

  • Access all available streaming services accessible around the globe, from anywhere.
  • You have over twenty regions to choose.
  • You have an interface utilizing smart DNS tech which is intuitive, and uncomplicated.
  • There is an optional free VPN account accompanying a paid subscription.
  • Support is fast and friendly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • There is single operation across all devices; smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc.
  • No worries about a necessary installation of software.
  • A reasonable monthly price sans commitment you can cancel at your discretion.
  • The service gives you a free 14-day trial with sign up that requires no credit card.

NetFlix for the World

There are countless video streaming services across the globe, and they feature a variety of content that has diversity surprising in its scope and perspective.  Have you looked at the world through the eyes of the French? How about the eyes of the Japanese or the Chinese? Every country, every culture, offers differing perspectives; their music and media demonstrate this.  Sometimes these perspectives can let light on the situation in your countries of origin, and appraise you of the realities that direct your existence. You may have had no idea about those preemptive realities.

Individual countries do their best to control content available to the masses. Even in the United States, Federal authorities will restrict certain content from certain countries. If they cannot restrict it, they’ll curtail its usage in some other way.  The right smart DNS tech service offers viewing of restricted content and helps break your social paradigm. Your anytime entertainment consists of multinational content in any location and on the device you prefer to use for entertainment.


Smart DNS technology https://www.getflix.com.au is taking off, breaking down boundaries, and expanding global perception. Discover new autonomy over the content you watch internationally.  While traveling, you can still watch your favorite shows from home. When home you can bring new things you discovered while vacationing abroad for your viewing. This package comes to you at a low monthly rate requiring no installation.

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