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Telephone - Lady Gaga - Okay

Lady Gaga’s epic new music video for Telephone continues to prove itself as the currently most discussed video.  Since its release, the video continues to be an interesting topic on online magazines, blogs and social networking sites for being too provocative.   But the video’s blatant product placements is currently the new trending topic.  Obviously, the stir is inevitable as the video is branding at least 10 products(!) in less than ten minutes.

Need pictures?

Branding in videos is nothing new.  It has been a common practice for artists to have their music videos sponsored by a company or two.  But “Telephone”  really gives a whole new meaning to ‘product placement’.  And Lady Gaga could be the greatest saleswoman on the planet right now. Here are screenshots of what the fame monster sells.  Scroll down to make a sandwich.

Heartbeats Earphones

Telephone - Heartbeats Earphones

Virgin Mobile

Telephone - Virgin Mobile


Telephone - Chanel

Diet Coke

Telephone - Diet Coke

Virgin Mobile.. again

Telephone - Virgin Mobile


Telephone - HP

Plenty Of Fish

Telephone - Plenty Of Fish


Telephone - Chevrolet

Little Debbie

Telephone - Little Debbie


Telephone - Polaroid

Wonder Classic White bread

Telephone - Wonder Bread

Kraft’s Miracle Whip

Telephone - Miracle Whip

Polaroid.. again

Telephone - Polaroid

(Watch the video here)

Did the product placements really bother you?

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