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Help stop double counting at Copenhagen

climate change Help stop double counting at Copenhagen


I just signed a petition to Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who will be hosting the Copenhagen climate negotiations in December.

Many leaders are promising to help people living in extreme poverty adapt to the effects of climate change. This sounds great, but unfortunately, on closer examination, it turns out most of this money could be double counted – it’s money that has already been promised as development aid. This double counting is dangerous as it undermines both sustainable international development and a good global deal on climate change. It needs to be exposed and stopped.

As host of the Copenhagen talks, Mr. Rasmussen is one of the people best placed to make this happen.

Please join me in taking action here:


Together as ONE we can make a difference! Thanks!

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1 thought on “Help stop double counting at Copenhagen”

  1. Thats a good idea to help people in extreme poverty.The effects of climate change is infact affecting these poor people. So all people reading this should try to do something for them please.

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