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How to care about linear actuator and how to avoid crashes

linear acuators How to care about linear actuator and how to avoid crashes

Linear actuators are used to create motion in a straight line. They are used where linear motion is required such as in machine tools. Linear motion in an actuator is developed by use of hydraulic cylinders. To keep an actuator in good working condition regular maintenance is conducted. Maintenance involves changing used oil and replacing it with new oil. When changing oil, it is important not to mix oils with different temperature ranges and to also ensure that oil does not leak. When storing the actuator, it should be protected from corrosion. If the linear actuators valve does not move, it should be subjected troubleshooting by disconnecting the actuator from the valve. Software settings for digital inputs should always be checked to ensure the actuator functions properly in AUT mode in the selected user interface.


The actuator should be inspected and overhaul regularly spare parts used should be genuine. The actuators motor and brakes should be checked for mechanical wear and corrective action taken.

Crashes can be avoided by ensuring that electrical connections are done by authorized personnel and in compliance with the electric circuit diagrams. When handling the actuator one should avoid using a motor or hand wheel to lift the actuator. Additionally external forces should not be exerted on the control element; circuits that are dangerous when touched should be isolated. Power supply to the motor should be switched off prior to starting the hand wheel operation, power supply to the electronic unit should be switched off when working on the actuator as well as take necessary precautions to prevent switching on the power supply unintentionally.

In conclusion, before starting the actuator, the operator should verify the environmental conditions in the technical data sheets.

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