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A Professional Way to Import/Convert OST to PST and Office 365

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The OST file is the replica file of the data on the Exchange Server. It allows users to access mailbox items offline and can complete their pending work; that’s why it is also called the supportive file for the Exchange and IMAP server. As the OST file resides on the user’s computer, it is unaffected by the Exchange Server crash and disaster. But sometimes, due to certain reasons, users need to convert OST to PST file format.

A Professional Way to Import/Convert OST to PST and Office 365

In this tutorial, we summarized the reasons to convert OST files to PST format, manual procedure, and limitations of the manual method. We also describe a professional OST to PST converter for hassle-free conversion.

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Reasons to Convert OST to PST format

There are some situations when converting OST to PST comes helpful:

  1. Few Exchange OST items get deleted: Sometimes, some of the OST file items get deleted accidentally. Converting OST to PST file format using a professional OST to PST Converter can recover hardly deleted items.
  2. To backup OST files: OST files are prone to crash, so users are recommended to backup OST files. PST file format is the most suitable file format to backup OST file as it is easy to port and access.
  3. OST file corruption: There are various reasons which can make an OST file corrupted e.g.
  • Sudden power failure: OST files are sensitive, and they can get corrupted easily. Sometimes, an unexpected power failure can make an OST file corrupted. This situation is very challenging and tough to handle. You may have to convert OST to PST format.
  • Storage limit: We all know OST file has storage limit; that depends on the Outlook version. In case the OST file crosses the storage limit, it becomes prone to corruption. It is better to backup some OST file data in PST file format and free some space in the OST file.

How to Import OST to PST: 2 Methods

There are many ways by which we can convert OST to PST files. But here, we will suggest a manual method and by using a professional OST to PST Converter.

Method #1: Convert OST to PST Manually

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook client.

Step 2: On the main menu bar, click on the File tab > Open > Import.

Step 3: Now the Export and Import Wizard will open; select Export to a file in the list. Then make a click on the Next option.

Step 4: On Export to a File wizard, select Outlook Data File (.pst) in the option and click Next.

Step 5: On the Export Outlook Data File window, browse the Outlook data file and folder from which you want to export. Then make a click on the Next to continue the convert OST to PST process.

Step 6: Now click on the Browse and choose the PST file you created earlier.

Step 7: At last, click on the Finish button and wait until the exporting process gets complete.

(Note- Make sure to use the same computer on which the OST file was created).

It is the process to convert OST to PST using the Import and Export method. It is a free utility but has drawbacks and restrictions. 

Drawbacks of Manual Method:

  1. This method works well when the user has to convert a few OST files. But when users have to convert multiple OST files, then it becomes a time-consuming task.
  2. This manual method only converts the OST file, which was generated on the same machine. So if you have an OST file created in a different system, then you have to use an OST to PST converter.
  3. Manually a little misstep can make your priceless data corrupted or inaccessible, and there is no guarantee of a successful conversion.
  4. Manually your OST file can lose data integrity and folder hierarchy; this can make you in trouble.
  5. To use the manual method, the user needs to be a technocrat. If the user has multiple files to convert OST to PST, then they have to repeat the same process again and again.

Due to drawbacks and loopholes of the manual method, users prefer a professional OST to PST converter for risk-free and restriction-free conversion. When we talk about Email conversion and email recovery, Shoviv Software is the name that comes to my mind first. 

Method #2: Shoviv OST to PST Converter

Shoviv OST to PST Converter is a master utility for OST to PST conversion. It provides a free trial version that you can use to check the software efficiency. Using Shoviv OST to PST Converter allows you to convert OST files to PST format without an Exchange profile or Exchange Server connectivity. This master utility is developed by keeping eyes on everyone’s needs. It provides multiple user-centric options for hassle-free OST to PST conversion. 

  1. This software efficiently recovers the hardly deleted OST file data without any hassle and restriction.
  2. Shoviv OST to PST converter keeps a convenient and easy to use GUI that make this software accessible for non-technocrats. 
  3. Allows users to convert OST to PST, convert OST to Office 365, OST to Live Exchange, and many more popular file formats.
  4. Users can preview the selected OST file data before the final conversion. This preview option comes handy to get assured about the selected data.
  5. While converting OST to PST format, this OST to PST converter allows users to split the resultant to be over-sized PST file to multiple small size PST files. 

How to Use Shoviv OST to PST Converter

Follow the steps given below to convert OST to PST.

  • Install and Launch the Shoviv OST to PST Converter.
  • To add files, firstly click on the Add OST files button available on the Ribbon bar.
  • Now add OST files using the provided options. (For highly corrupted mail items, select the Advance Scan option)
image 2
  • Now click the OK. Here, you can preview the PST file data on the left pane of the software under the folder list option.
  • Make a right-click and select save all file items in Outlook PST option. Or you also can choose to convert OST to PST from the ribbon bar. (If you want to import OST to Office 365, then choose Office 365 option from the ribbon bar).
image 3
  • Now check or uncheck the subfolders and make a click on the Next button.
  • Now filter options page will appear, apply the filter based on Process Message Class or Process Item Date Range. You can choose according to your need and then click on the Next button. 
  • In the next window, the option for Export in existing PST and Export and Create New PST file will come; choose accordingly. Users can also set a password for a new PST file and set the size for resultant PST files. (After selecting a particular file size, the software will automatically split the resultant PST file). 
  • After that, click on the Next option and wait for completing the conversion process. 
  • After completion, a message “process completed successfully” will appear. (Here, users can check and save the full conversion report).
image 1
  • At last, click on the Finish option.


Straight to the point, OST files store crucial data. So unless you’re a tech-savvy, don’t even think about the manual method to convert OST to PST, as there is a high chance of corruption. Before taking the risk of data loss using a manual method, check the free trial version of Shoviv OST to PST Converter. In the end, whatever you choose, choose wisely.

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