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Whizzing Up the Latest Juicy Celeb Diet Craze


The following is a guest post from Breville.

Over the last 12 months, paparazzi favourites like ‘Mad Men’ star January Jones and British celeb Katie Price have been spotted out and about with even skinnier figures, and proclaiming that juice is the answer. In January Jones’ case, it seems she took a hardcore Hollywood approach with a juice-only diet, but actress Tina Fey had to abandon her attempt to slim down in this way when she suffered an allergic reaction. Katie Price, however, chose a more achievable ‘juice only’ breakfast regime as part of a wider no-carbs diet.

Current medical advice would suggest that a ‘whole juice and nothing but the juice’ attitude to dieting is going too far, especially as it cuts out key food groups. Instead, juices and smoothies are encouraged as part of a balanced diet, with homemade fresh fruit and veg options favoured because they don’t have any preservatives in. Keeping small, easy to use gadgets like a Breville blender handy in your kitchen could well help you whizz up something healthy when you want to ‘snack’ like a celebrity.

Juices versus smoothies

Fruit and vegetable juices naturally contain many of the vitamins and minerals popular in supplements, and are a great way to replace your usual snacks. Folates, potassium and vitamin C can all be derived from a juice, and these help your body to absorb other important nutrients when you eat.

Fruit juice can only count as one of your ‘five a day’ fruit and vegetable portions – no matter how much you drink – because juice does not contain enough fibre. Smoothies, however, when prepared with all their fruit or vegetable pulp, contain more fibre and can count as up to two of your five a day.

Three great blender blitz treats

Try these delicious nutrient-packed combinations.

• Berry blitz. Take a tablespoonful each of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and blend them with a small glass of apple juice, a few ice cubes and about 60g plain low-fat yoghurt.

• Banana and strawberry smoothie. Blend one ripe banana with a large handful of strawberries, 100g plain or strawberry low-fat yoghurt and add milk according to how thick you enjoy your smoothies.

 • Mango lassi. Cut one ripe mango into small pieces then blend with six tablespoonfuls of natural yoghurt, a little ground ginger or mixed spice, half a small glass of skimmed milk and a little sugar to taste.

TIP: Keep a bag of berries in the freezer so you can grab a handful anytime you want.

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