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The Rising Popularity of Coworking Spaces

The Rising Popularity of Coworking Spaces

If you have ever stepped into a coworking space like WeWork, Next Space, Geekdom or Hive44 then you will know that they exude an exciting and energetic vibe which is excellent for working. With a combination of private desks and conference tables, the coworking space is the latest millennial trend that is taking the professional world by storm.

These shared workspaces strike the perfect balance between affordability and privacy. Not only will you be able to accommodate your core team but you also will have hot-desks, kitchens and private meeting rooms at your disposal. If you are not looking for a spacious office at this moment but neither do you want a home office, then coworking spaces will work out great for you.

In a shared workspace, you will come into contact with a wide range of professionals which will help you gain valuable insight into the world of business. It does not hamper with your right to work independently and yet helps you share a common culture. The rise in entrepreneurial ventures also contributes significantly to the success of coworking spaces. The resulting popularity of coworking space has led larger organizations to consider it as a viable option as well.

Coworking spaces

There are a number of reasons why coworking space is being considered a revolution among professionals:


The most important difference between coworking office spaces and traditional official spaces is the cost-effectiveness of the former. Saving capital is one of the biggest incentives of most companies which is why these spaces are so profitable. The cost depends on the convenience of the location and amenities that can be availed. You do not have to purchase the space and simply rent the space you need. This can be advantageous if you are planning to establish a big office in the future. Because of a lower investment in coworking space, you will gather the required resources to achieve that dream faster. The membership fees are bound to be within your range.

Supports individual growth

Have you noticed how your workout is ten times better when you visit the gym instead of doing it alone at home? That is because the presence of a group fuels your creativity and motivates you to work harder. Coworking spaces work on the same principle and encourage everyone to look for better possibilities so they can play to their full potential. Even if the members share nothing in common, the very atmosphere can help increase your productivity. The freedom to design your office strictly according to your own wishes and making the best of the available space can also contribute to a better work life.
More and more people are flocking to book a shared office space for this reason, just like people flock to find the best slot games to play here.

Lesser Commitment

Most of us love to make our own rules which is committing to something for a long period of time is not an appealing idea. Shared workspaces can be rented starting from merely a month in place of the long-term leases that accompany a big office space. There are some who rent out office space even by the day. Moreover, since it is rented, the landlord is in charge of the maintenance of the space. You can simply focus on your work and then pack your bags when the time comes.

Better Networking

In a shared office space, you will come across new people every day. Establishing connections and a well-connected network form the backbone of a rising career. The professional world is filled with individuals who might be able to help you in some manner or the other in the future. For an ambitious millennial, the exposure is incentive enough to invest in a coworking space. You will get excellent opportunities to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and freelancers who might or might not belong to the same sector as you.

Supports startups

Millennials are becoming hooked on the idea of being their own boss. As a result, there has been a rise in the entrepreneurial drive which has led to an enormous number of startups cropping up across the world. The limitless online resources and the virtual marketplace has made it easier for everyone to put their business ideas into play. Starting with a core team and limited capital, all startups need a working space that will meet their needs. Shared office space is the perfect option for them because their future is uncertain. This has affected the coworking space industry positively and augmented its growth.

A boon for freelancers

Freelancers have the option of working from their home or a small cafe, but that can limit their growth significantly. Firstly, it is more professional to have an office space and it will attract more clients. Secondly, a freelancer who is looking to expand his or her territory needs to get in touch with like-minded people who can offer better opportunities in the future. Having a trustworthy network of professionals can also help in building credibility. A shared office space will provide all of the above to a freelancer at a reasonable rate. Since the contract is flexible, it is ideal for the unpredictability that comes with freelancing. A large number of people are opting for freelancing nowadays because it is more flexible.

If you think a coworking space will give you everything you need, then you can start looking them up without delaying.

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