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Science proves existence of Angry face and other types of face

angry face

According to new findings in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, you can get a sense of how temperamental a person is even before he opens his mouth.  A quick glance at someone’s facial structure may be enough for us to predict their tendency towards aggression.


According to research, you can tell someone if he’s likely to demonstrate aggressive personality traits by looking at his facial structure.  Researchers suggest that men with high width-to-height facial ratios (WHR) were much more likely to demonstrate aggressive personality traits.

Facial width-to-height ratio (WHR) is determined by measuring the distance between the right and left cheeks and the distance from the upper lip to the mid-brow. During childhood, boys and girls have similar facial structures, but during puberty, males develop a greater WHR than females. Previous research has suggested that males with a larger WHR act more aggressively than those with a smaller WHR. For example, studies have shown that hockey players with greater WHR earn more penalty minutes per game than players with lower WHR.

Could this finding also prove the existence of other favorite types of face such as butterface, drunkface, etc?  Although researchers have yet to conduct further studies to confirm this, Lemondrop has already beat them to the punch.  Here’s some of other easily identified types of “face.”

10.  Crazyface

9.  Gayface

8.  Dorkface

7.  Butterface

6.  Typeface

5.  Santaface

4.  Paleface

3.  Leatherface

2.  Pokerface

1.  Buseyface

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