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Post your opinion and start earning as much as you like

You’ve been blogging about those wonderful places you’ve been, those fancy restaurants with fancy foods, movies you that think were awesome, latest cellphones and gadgets. You even blogged about your favorite lip gloss fruity flavors. You’ve been writing about those products and services that you like, drive traffics to these companies’ web sites. Thereby promoting their stuffs. Their sales increased. Thanks to you. Good news! You’ve just become a publishing powerhouse, and you don’t even know it. Bad news: They are not paying you. You’ve done a great job but you can’t benefit from all the sales and traffic you have helped generate.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these companies and advertisers pay you your fair share for the time and effort you put up promoting their products and services?

Do you want to get paid to blog about the things you love? Who wouldn’t? And there are lots of companies and advertisers who are willing to pay you to write honest opinions regarding their products and services. How’s this possible? Well, you can start by adding a banner that says “hire me” to your blog. Or contact your every prospect companies and advertisers and let them know the service your offering.

Or better yet, join SponsoredReviews. Just publish your opinion about an advertiser’s products or services, and SR will do the rest.

Here’s the rest

Let’s complicate things. SR is much like a marketplace. A marketplace has sellers, buyers, and of course the goods. A meeting place. A place for commerce. SR is just the same. It serves as a marketplace for bloggers like you and the advertisers. The goods are the product feedbacks, opinions or reviews of bloggers. Advertisers pay to advertise on blogs. Bloggers get paid for blogging.

Bloggers would receive emails containing assignments and the deadline for completing tasks. Each time you’ve done a product feedback or review, advertisers and SR staff will review and approve your posts. You will get paid on a weekly basis.

Payment method

You’ll be paid through Paypal. Paypal is an online payment processor. Paypal is secure and more convenient, actually. If you don’t have a Paypal account yet, sign up here.

Signing up

Creating an account with SR is FREE. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up here. Write the things you like and start earning as much as you like.

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14 thoughts on “Post your opinion and start earning as much as you like”

  1. Hi there! I also registered myself with smorty and interested in some of its campaign.

    However i have problem submitting my posts to them. What is the problem? I think it is my Post URL. It kept saying “Anchor Text Cannot be found 2 advertise on blog”. What does it mean? Make me want to abandon my campaign!

    Please advise. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Rose,

    It means you didn’t include some of the keywords (anchor texts) they provided you. They usually provide 2 or more keywords for you to include in your post.

    Those keywords will be the additional anchor texts, which means each must contain the link they’ve provided.

    Try editing your post and re-submit its URL.

  3. Hi. yeah smorty rocks! remember me?hope so..anyway I want to ask a favor to vote me here in my page. please visit my site.Thank you Mad Tomato.:)Ciao!

  4. I’ve already been accepted in Smorty, but they keep rejecting my blog whenever I try to add it. Maybe it’s because I just switched to a custom domain. What do you think?

  5. David,

    Your blog will be declined if it has not enough indexed pages. Unfortunately, Smorty is relying on the Google search engine. And Google seems to be slow in indexing web pages these days. Just keep submitting (edit) your blog as the number of indexed pages of a blog sometimes changes over a few days. I’ve just checked your blog’s ( status on Google, it has already a sufficient number of indexed pages.

    Meanwhile, you can also sign up with has more advertisers than Smorty. More advertisers means more offers or opportunities.

  6. Hi there,

    I have signed up pay pal some time ago and received statement from my bank, however why my paypal account is not activated yet? I know they are asking for approval code, but my bank didn’t give me any code! what was that- approval code?

  7. Hi leeyen,

    I suppose you meant “Verified” when you said “Activated”.

    A new paypal account has an “Unverified” status until the account holder confirms his Paypal membership by adding/linking his bank account or credit card to his Paypal account. This is needed for the overall security of the Paypal network.

    Here’s a couple of links that might help get your Paypal account verified:

  8. Does this work like ad sense from google?.
    How much commission do you get.

    do you have to give your whole bank info,

    Nervous about handing over my credit card numbers online to new companies, anyone can hack data base or site.

    I always buy online with pre paid Visa cards from Vons, so if someone steals the number from a the online data base I don’t care as the money is maxed out from the pre paid visa card. they can steal the number it ain’t gonna work.

    does this company need much personal info.

    angus cooney

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