Xbox Surface

Xbox Surface? Take Our Money!

If rumors and leaks are to be believed, Microsoft is cooking up a gaming-centric variant of its Surface tablet—a purported ‘Xbox Surface’—and it’s likely going to be in a class all its own. The 7-inch console-tablet-media-device boasts of tremendous specs and will have the Xbox pedigree and also likely to have access to the console’s …

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Kitana Mileena

Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 5

Despite Mileena’s growing resentment towards Kitana, Shao Kahn uses them to destroy all who threaten his rule. But when they come upon King Jerrod on one of their missions, they finally learn the truth about their Mother and Father, and Kitana looks to plot her revenge against Shao Kahn.

Mortal Kombat Kitana and Mileena

Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 4

Beautiful, athletic, and trained as highly skilled assassins, Kitana and Mileena have grown up thinking that they are sisters. Shao Kahn, Emperor of the Outworld, has tricked Shang Tsung into becoming his servant for Mortal Kombat by making him clone Mileena as a Tarkatan clone of Kitana, out of Shao Kahn’s fear that Kitana wouldn’t love him enough if she ever found out the truth about her Mother and Father.

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