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YouTube Visualization: Have you ever seen this before?

Click on this video and try this out: (1) Click the full-screen option on the bottom right of the video, (2) then click on the network icon in the bottom left beside the play button.

YouTube Swarm?

Screenshot of the recommended videos based on the Golden Compass teaser

Have you ever seen this YouTube feature before?

No? Me, too. I’ve never seen it either. I haven’t been on YouTube for a while. Or maybe because I barely use the full screen mode. But it looks familiar, though. I mean, it looks similar to SwarmDigg‘s cool visualization tool lets you see new stories being submitted -in real-time, and shows you related contents. Only this YouTube visualization seems to be a poor imitation of Swarm. I thought it’s supposed to recommend relevant videos but it doesn’t show you videos which are related to the video you are viewing. I can’t see its uses other than visualizing random videos. And the video balloons are like unstable atomic particles that seems to repel each other forever. Maybe it is still on beta phase or an experiment. I’m sure Google has an explanation for this half-baked tool or a grin that says just wait and see. Though inefficient as it is, I must say this visualizer is an interesting and neat experiment. Visualization will be the next big thing on the internet. What’s cooking, Google?

Tell me what you think about this tool.


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2 thoughts on “YouTube Visualization: Have you ever seen this before?”

  1. I like your blog nicely designed with good content.
    I noticed that random visual widget on Google and I must say I don’t like it, of course it could be worst they could start putting ads there LOL


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