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011Now iPhone and Android App Offers Cheap International Calls

iPhone app Android app for international calls

I used to use conventional calling card to call to my native country from US. That was something! Sometimes I was wondering why I can’t get connected with my parents. After I dialed access number I needed to enter long destination number after connection with calling card service was established. Most of the time I had to wait for 1-2 minutes to hear even distant long signals from my home country’s phone service company. Sometimes those signals sounded weird and nobody was picking up. Often later my parents confirmed that they were near the phone but didn’t hear any ring – the calling card was pretending that my parents weren’t home while they actually were.

The life continued as well as my struggle with calling card service… Once I’ve heard from my friend about www.011now.com service. I went to their site and I saw they have iPhone and Android phones. They say first call is free if I try their smartphone app. I thought what I have to loose. And I caved in – downloaded iPhone app. There is no problem to understand how it works. The interface is simple and I’ve got my free call (or should I say free calls!). They gave me $1.00 to try their services.  Here how the app looks like:

iPhone app main screen 011Now iPhone and Android App Offers Cheap International Calls

The touchpad is very handy here:

011Now iPhone app touchpad dial screen 011Now iPhone and Android App Offers Cheap International Calls

When I dialed the number in the app’s touchpad and clicked the “call with 011Now” button the app connected me with my parents in the matter of seconds. Thank God I don’t need to enter destination number again and again!

Interestingly enough 011now Android app looks a bit different. You don’t need to use app’s touchpad on Android phones. Here how the main screen looks like:


The app intercept outgoing call if this call begins with “011” or with “+”. It is kind of scary at first because you doubt if the 011Now app catches the call. But it works smoothly and show me the screen every time when I dial the international number from Android’s native dialer.


Click “Use 011Now service” button and you will be connected with 011Now access number in US and then with overseas.

Here are the links for the apps:
iPhone http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/011now/id370907573?mt=8
Android  https://market.android.com/details?id=com.a011Now.a011Now

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