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3 Gadgets To Fulfill Your Spy Fantasies

bond gadgets10 990x500 e1412444499869 3 Gadgets To Fulfill Your Spy Fantasies

Clutching your Walther PPK in your left hand, you barrel roll forward, neutralizing four enemies at once with a gentle repetitive squeeze of the trigger. Then, like some kind of mad secret agent-panther, you soar through the air, grab the briefcase in front of you, defuse the bomb and, phew, Her Majesty’s Britain is saved for another day.
Then, just like every other morning, you awaken clutching your pillow like a gun while saluting at your still-sleeping girlfriend.
If only you could live out your spy fantasies in the comfort of your own home, without the actual, y’know, mortal danger.
Well, with these gadgets you can – so give them a look to sate your spying appetite.

The recording’s on the wall

Whether you’re speaking to a shifty KGB agent, a snitch or just proving to your girlfriend that she did say to meet at 7pm, not quarter past, a secret recording device could prove invaluable. One of the more subtle designs is a voice recording pen which you can hide discreetly in your top pocket, leaving your recordings your little secret.
It’s an ingenious tool that’ll come in handy during any important conversation.

Google is your friend

Q must be kicking himself for not inventing Google Glass, the latest in high-tech spectacles from the technology brand.
This amazing pair of glasses, which can be worn at all times, allows users to search for information in the literal blink of an eye, take photographs and record video – all in one device. It’s like every Bond gadget rolled into one!
Admittedly, there have been a few teething troubles since the product’s launch.
Numerous businesses have raised ethical concerns about having recording devices near sensitive data, while others have argued that the Glass could prove to be the ultimate form of distraction, making our mayfly-like attention spans even shorter.
Nonetheless, there’s no argument that Glass isn’t an impressive piece of kit and, provided you use it in the right situations, it can be a lot of fun.

A camera – secret agent style!

Back in the olden days when cameras were larger than most humans and required more electricity than a small village, hiding one was like concealing a bear in a room full of ostriches. How times change, eh?
Now, you can have a camera the size of your finger hidden in almost any object you like, whether it’s a pen, lighter or even a fully functioning Blu-ray player.
Whether you want a covert security setup outside your home, or just want to make sure your babysitter isn’t nicking cash while you’re out for the night, these hidden cameras can prove invaluable for the security of yourself and your family – and they’ll make your secret agent dreams come true!

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