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5 Useful Apps For Pet Owners

iPad cat

Having pets is a big responsibility and there is no app that is going to do the work for you. There are some apps that having a novel side to them and they are fun for a little while. Here are five that you may find useful if you give them a try.


This is an app that allows you to make contact with a vet via a virtual office. You can make contact any time you like, but there is no guarantee at what time you will get your response. It is an iPhone app that is based upon the volunteer work of vets, which also makes you wonder if the person giving you the answer is actually a qualified vet.

The idea is a good one in principle, especially if you are looking for answers outside of normal veterinarian hours. But, it is worrying to think that some people may use this app instead of actually going to a vet, thereby perpetuating the suffering of the animal. On the other hand, it could stop people taking their pets to the vets, such as when rabbits pull out their own hair and the owners start to worry. This app and idea may hopefully evolve a little one day.


This app sets up a calendar that you use for your pet. It works for the iPhone and allows you to enter times and dates of things that you are supposed to do with your pets. For example, you can add in the date and time of your pet’s next vaccination, or the time of your pet’s next hair trimming. You can set it to tell you when you are supposed to walk your dog or take your cat to be spayed.

You can set up alerts that will tell you when things regarding your pets are due. You can make it send you an email for when things are due. For example, you could have it send you an emailing detailing the time and place of the next vaccination, and you can have it send a week prior and on the day so that it helps you to remember.


If your pet is wearing a locator collar, then you can find it with the Spotlight app for your Blackberry or your iPhone. It updates your pet’s location every five minutes, helping to show you where your pet is so that you can retrieve him or her. If your pet is wearing a tracking collar, then calling AKC Car Recovery Specialists will help you, as they are the ones that run the tracking system.

If you call the company then they will help you fix any technical problems and may even help to direct you to your pet if you still cannot find him or her. It uses local indicators to tell you where your pet is, such as the location of a church or a main road. However, if you lose your pet somewhere in the countryside or in the woods then you are going to have a lot more trouble finding him or her.

Pet Acoustics

This is an app that plays music for your dog when he or she is in the car, in a thunderstorm or left alone at home. It is available for the iPod and iPhone, and will play soothing music to help calm the dog down. The only real downside is that you are left without an iPod or a phone when you go out because your dog is using it.

The music is advertised as being created with cats, dogs and horses in mind. It is said to play musical tunes that calm those animals down specifically, however it may just be the presence of inoffensive noises that are helping more than anything. It is worth a try if your dog, cat or horse is particularly anxious.

All Pets Radio Player

This is an online radio station so you will not be able to hear it with a radio receiver, you will have to use this app to access the website that streams the sound. It is not actually a radio station for animals. It is a station for people who own pets. It has stories and facts about a number of pet related issues, and may be of interest to some pet owners.

The topics are not as repetitive as you may think, but there may come a point where you become sick of hearing about pets, so it is probably not a station you are going to want to listen to every day. If you cannot find the app for your device then you may be able to access the station via a web browser. You will have to run a mobile search in order to find it. (Photo: flickr/mak-on)

Kate Funk is a passionate blogger and online tutor who coaches individuals in creative writing skills. You can contact her on Facebook or Google+.

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