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The Most Anticipated Gadgets of the Year

iPhone 7

The 2010s have been a generous decade for the tech industry so far. Newer and better gadgets are introduced each year, none more so than in 2016. Tech giants are competing hard to release the next best handheld device, and no one benefits more from this race than the consumers. There is a wide selection of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets now more than ever. And even cooler gadgets are anticipated in the upcoming years. So, read ahead to find out about the high-tech gadgets fans are eagerly awaiting for in the coming year:

iPhone 7

Apple’s sixth version of the highly popular iPhone failed to meet expectations in that the iPhone 6S delivered little more than the previous version. The only “amazing” tech we could see with the iPhone 6S was 3D Touch technology and perhaps a camera only a little better than before. The iPhone 7 is rumored to deliver earth shattering tech and meet customer expectations that the 6S couldn’t.

Apple is notoriously secretive about their products, but the rumor mill so far has churned out reports of a completely waterproof and all metal build for the iPhone 7. There’s also strange talk of the iPhone 7 not having a headphone socket. Perhaps, Apple is offering one-of-a-kind wireless headphone tech with the upcoming release. Apple has not revealed a release date for iPhone 7, but it’s expected to be unveiled in September or October of 2016. Guess it’s time to go and compare iPhone prices and start saving in advance.

Tesla Model X

Tesla’s environmentally-friendly electric cars have captured the hearts of consumers, even when it ran into some technical difficulties last year. Past troubles aside, Tesla is all set to unveil the highly-anticipated Model X electric car sometime this year. This six-seater family car is said go from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of 3.2 seconds—same as a Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4.  If that’s not impressive enough, the Model X comes with advanced safety features such as the HEPA filtration system, which will allow you to drive through a chemical attack without a scratch.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Smartphone fans are eagerly waiting on the edges of their seats for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the even cooler successor to the immensely popular Galaxy S6. Set to be released in the first half of 2016, this super smartphone will have the most powerful processor currently available in the market and one of the best energy efficient phone batteries. Expect to pay a pretty penny for this gadget, as the prices for phones  go up as the tech advances.

Nintendo NX

The Wii U was a disappointment to say the least, so Nintendo is ready to fill the gap in handheld gaming devices with the much talked about NX. Not much is known about the NX, but Nintendo’s president has promised it would be “something unique and different.” Tech experts have speculated that the NX could be a hybrid device with a removable mobile base, the first of its kind. Isn’t that enough to look forward to it later this year?

Indeed, there are plenty of cool gadgets coming out this year. Which one would you love to own by the end of the year?

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