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Base Jumping in the Deep Blue Hole



I’ve just finished listening to the Chris Pearson – Matt Mullenweg Mixergy interview.  Obviously I’ve missed the WordPress vs. Thesis brouhaha.  And the interview was forever ago (July 14).  How could I missed it!   If you’re like me who have been on haitus from the twittersphere and blogosphere (and all things social), go listen to the interview, it is worth a listen (your brain might fall from your head after hearing who’s the third most important person in the history of WordPress).  Then proceed to Matt’s sidenote here, and to some enlightenment by Mark Jaquith.  As for the dessert, come back here and watch the video below for some amazing new perspective.  (Okay, you can hit the dessert now if you want.)

Free Fall

World champion freediver Guillaume Nery dives at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world.  Filmed on breath hold by French champion freediver  Julie Gautier.

(via youtube)

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