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The Best iPhone Apps For Students

Apps for students

The spring semester has been in full swing for a few weeks now, so it will only be a matter of time before midterms begin popping up. If you’re sweating about your grades this semester, here are a few ways that your iOS device can help you boost your GPA. They don’t call them “smart” phones for nothing.

Chegg – free


This app is the perfect addition to any student’s repertoire because it allows them to rent textbooks from their iPhone or iPad. Gone are the days of writing down which books you need for each class and making the arduous trip to the bookstore. You won’t have to stand in line all afternoon or pay the outrageous bookstore prices any longer. With Chegg, you can rent and return your books while saving boatloads of money.

Mental Case – $4.99

mental case

If I’d known about Mental Case when I was in school, I would have saved at least a week’s worth of flashcard writing and notecard hunting. This app allows users to create two-sided flashcards and slideshows. The app keeps an archive of your old flashcards and flashcards that are created on Mental Case and can be synced to any Mac computer via Wi-Fi, so it won’t be a problem when your lazy friend from biology asks to “borrow” your study aids the day before the test.

Texts From Last Night – $0.99


Even the most studious college students need to take a break every once in awhile and Texts From Last Night is a great distraction from the high-stress world of higher education. This app allows you to read all of the late night, alcohol induced correspondence its users have submitted. Where else can you read something like “You were playing beer pong by yourself for an hour. Finally someone threw the ball into the bonfire and you sat by it and cried. For 45 minutes.” That is the college experience.

Melissa is a guest blogger and expert on social media, mobile technology and Dell coupons.

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