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Can You Afford a Hard Drive Failure?

Hard drive failure

Advancements in technology make it easier than ever to store important documents, personal information, videos and photos. In an instant, a business can access files and move from one screen to another to perform multiple tasks. The homeowner can keep track of their bills and find out about nearly anything on the internet. So what would happen if you went to your computer and it didn’t boot up? And, what would happen if you lost everything on it? With your reliance on computers, it’s also important to place an emphasis on having regular maintenance done to prevent the risk of a hard drive failure.

As unlikely as it may seem your hard drive can fail or malfunction. It’s just a matter of time before this happens. If your computer is not functioning properly it may be a result of your hard drive failing. Unfortunately, most people do not have the proper training to notice the tell-tale signs until the computer actually crashes. If you experience slow startups, moved or lost signs, cryptic error messages or a new sound while it’s running, it could be that your system is ready for a crash. On a positive note, in most cases you can recover your information through services that specialize in data recovery.

In addition, whether you own a business or work from home, you should take a proactive approach and look into using a company to monitor any unauthorized activity behind the scenes. These services can identify spyware, malware and a potential hacker. This can help you to safeguard valuable information, reducing the risk of identity theft and the loss of important documents. According to an article written by CNN Money dated May 28, 2014, an alarming 47 percent of U.S. adults had personal information compromised. As you rely more on the internet the exposure increases leaving your information on a table ready for the taking.

In the event that you experience a potential problem, it’s best to leave the computer off. Trying to reboot it even once can cause irreversible damage. It’s also not a good idea to open it up since the exposure of intricate and delicate hardware can create the need for replaced parts.

Computers are wonderful electronic devices that seem infallible. The truth is that no system will last forever. The question as to how your business would operate if it suddenly shut down should be reason enough to take proactive steps to ensure the unthinkable never happens. Since you scan nearly everything in an office today onto the hard drive, many companies no longer have paper files to refer to. The thought of starting from scratch could consume thousands of hours and an unfathomed amount of out-of-pocket expense.

With multiple options for protection against failures and system break-ins available, it seems foolish not to cover the what if’s instead of waiting for the inevitable. By using an outside source to monitor and maintain your computer you can avoid a total shutdown. For any type of business, this is a catastrophe you can avoid.

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