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How to Choose The Best Phone For You

Nokia 6

Finding the best phone for you can be quite a challenge. Everyone wants the latest and best phones on the market as soon as they come out such as the iPhone 7, which also benefits from the largest storage capacity available on the market. However, it’s not all about having the latest and best phone. It’s more about having the best phone for your specific needs. This is a balance between functionality, storage, design, battery life and of course cost. This short article will help you to consider your phone needs so that you find the best deal.

Understanding your current usage

The first thing to do when you are considering a new phone is to think about what your needs are and your current phone usage. Spend some time understanding how many minutes, texts and how much data you are typically using every month. It is important to do this because your usage is directly linked to the choice of phone you decide on and so the monthly cost.

A great way to work out what you are currently using is to use a website that does the handwork for you and assesses your monthly usage over the last few months. A quick internet search will help you find this. This is an excellent starting point when looking to find the best phone for you.

Think about the functionality that you need

Once you have understood what you need from your usage, it is time to consider the best phone for you. Of course, you might be the kind of person that really wants to have the latest phone such as the latest iPhone or Samsung handset. That’s fine, and so for you it is time to concentrate on getting the best deal using your knowledge of the minutes, texts and data that you require.

If you do not need the latest and best handsets then it is time to have some fun looking at alternatives. Start your search online for reviews of mobile phones. When you do this, think about the functionality you require and what you need your phone to be able to do. Perhaps it is simply battery life that is the most important feature of the handset. Or, perhaps having a HD screen and a fast enough processor is important so that you can download movies and watch catch up tv services. This is the fun part of looking for a new mobile! Another good thing to do is to visit some mobile phone shops so that you can try out the phones for yourself and so you can appreciate their design more closely, as well as how well built that they feel.

Sim Only Deal

Of course, if price is the most important factor in your choice of phone then perhaps the best option is to consider a sim only deal. These are actually available for just a few pounds a month. This can be a great option if you are happy with your current handset.

Use a Comparison Site

Once you have decided on the best phone for you and understand your usage it is time to put all this knowledge together and find the best deal. You will almost always find a better deal online than in a high street shop. A great way to compare what deals are available is by using a comparison site. A quick google will find you several. It is much better to use more than one comparison site as not all deals will be available on all comparison websites.


Although less common than they once were, some mobile phone companies will offer an incentive to taking out a deal with them. This could be half price line rental for six months, for example. Many people forget about this and then at the six month point have a shock at how much they are paying for their mobile phone deal that they have to pay for the next eighteen months! Make sure that you see the incentive as a bonus and not as the monthly price for the deal over the whole term of the contract.

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