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EaseUS vs Other File Recovery Software

PC Mac File Recovery Software

Accumulating data has become an important part of our life; whether it is photos, videos, video games, important files and presentations or basically anything which is important to you, you probably have in your hard drive. With that being said, there is an absolute slew of ways that important data may end up getting deleted, it could be by accident and there are many ways you can recover your important data.

EaseUS is a file recovery software which can available for the MAC and Windows PC. While quality free data recovery software isn’t normally available, and if it is, it’s probably not as user optimized with or has an easy to interact with User Interface and has a slew of other options which make it easy for the user for that recycle bin recovery in case of an emergency.

Free Data Recovery

There are a lot of advantages of using EaseUS over any other time of hard drive recovery software, here’s a list of them:

EaseUS Vs Other File Recovery Software

  • As mentioned before, EaseUS has a free trial server available for users who want to check their product out, and for good reason too, they have a strong product which is extremely helpful for users who need a free data recovery software.
  • In the free trial version, you get a 2GB recovery quota using which you can recovery a slew of files which includes photos, videos, audio, emails, compressed files and more.
  • The best part of using this recovery software compared to any other kind is the ease of use. You’re being provided a powerful program with a top-of-the-line and easy to understand UI using which anyone can recover their lost files in no time.
  • User accessibility is one thing and the large number of file types supported is another; you’ll have the option to recover pretty much any major file type with this recycle bin recovery software, this means you have access to a powerful tool using which most if not all files are able to get recovered.

Important tool for business and at home

A powerful and sleek hard drive recovery software like EaseUS is an important tool in an average PC user’s belt, this is especially true if you deal with a large amount of data working at an office.

If there is important data which has been lost, there is an undeniable need for EaseUS. The advantages to shifting with such a powerful hard drive recovery software is a requirement for business owners.

The $69.95 PRO version comes with a slew of additional features, not only will you be getting lifetime technical support with your software but you’ll also be getting free lifetime upgrades, meaning your software can be up-to-date in the future without you spending any extra money.


There are many Recycle Bin Recovery software packages available on the market, but none are as user-oriented, powerful and easy to use as EaseUS. Other than the slew of advantages you’ll be getting over any other competition, you will get professional technical support for the rest of your life.

Photo: Patrick Lindenberg

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