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Five Things You Should Always Ask Poster Printers First

poster printers

If you are thinking of having some posters printed, it is vital that you trust the company to deliver a good service to you. After all, if it goes wrong, you will be left with unusable posters and a big bill. This is why you should always ask poster printers the following five questions to guarantee you will get a good service.

  1. Do You Use Genuine Media and Ink?

This is important because your posters don’t just have to look good when first printed, they have to continue to look good for a period of time, perhaps even when exposed to the elements. Genuine media and ink, known in the industry as Matched Component Program (MCS), are necessary to make sure the poster is durable and will hold under UV light. Generic media posters are of much lower quality and are less deep and smooth than their MCS counterparts. An MCS poster also has that “wow factor”, that makes it stand out even from a distance.

  1. What Is Your Top Quality Guarantee?

If you were to search for poster printers online, you will find that they all say they are the best in the industry and guarantee their quality. You need to ask what this guarantee actually is and receive it in writing. That way, you will know exactly what their promise to you is and whether or not you have a case to be made if you’re not happy.

  1. What Is the Best Media for My Poster?

A poster printing company is an expert. You are not. Hence, you should be able to tell them what your ideas are, and they should be able to tell you how you can best present your ideas. Tell them where it will be displayed, what it advertises and who it is supposed to attract. They will then tell you what the best type of media is and why. It is advisable to follow their recommendations.

  1. Can I Order Online?

We live in a world where we want everything yesterday. This is achievable thanks to the online world. However, if your poster printer doesn’t accept online orders, you may want to go elsewhere.

  1. Are You Giving me the Best Possible Price?

Finally, you must be willing to negotiate. Nobody got anywhere in life by accepting a price the first time around. Usually, there will be certain ways you can make your order cheaper. Some of the commonly used ways include:

  • Allowing longer for the completion of your order.
  • Choosing fewer colors or a cheaper style of paper.
  • Making your poster larger or smaller, so that it fits in with standard sizes.
  • Printing more posters, thereby lowering the price of an individual print.
  • Agreeing to a contract with the printer to have more frequent orders in the future.

Poster printing is becoming a true form of art and will always remain one of the world’s strongest forms of marketing. However, you do have to take your time to get it right.

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