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How to Protect your iPad in the Kitchen

iPad Cover

Finally you can crack an egg over your iPad. Guilt free! A Minnesota company has developed a protective slip cover meant to protect the iPad from kitchen spills.

Chef Sleeve iPad Cover

The transparent Chef Sleeve, described as the condom for the iPad, allows you to scroll through menus and turn pages with grimy hands. Designed specifically for the iPad (and iPad 2), it was meant to save home cooks the trouble of performing intricate, one-handed juggling tricks when reading recipes on their expensive digital device. The slip cover was made of thin protective film which is “touch responsive”, designed to fit the tablet snugly and has a resealable ziplock-like strip to close the sleeve.

iPad Cover

The sleeves are made from material which is “touch responsive” and are disposable and recyclable.

iPad Cover iPad Stand
The packaging also doubles as a stand.

The price tag for a pack of 25 sleeves is $19.99 US. If you don’t want to spend $19 for an iPad cover, a Ziplock bag or layer of cling film will also do the trick.

Buy sleeves here: http://www.chefsleeve.com/products/Chef-Sleeve.html

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