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How to Keep Your Business Truck Protected This Winter

Business Truck Winter Protection

Winters seem to keep getting colder, right? And as we start to get ready for the ice, snow and freezing nights, here are some quick tips, and things to look out for, to ensure the winter doesn’t slow you down so you can keep on truckin’:

Look After Your Battery

Batteries and cold weather do not go well together. You may want to make sure your battery is working as it should before the temperature really starts to bite. And if you’re not regularly driving long distances (these automatically fully charge your battery), consider charging it from the mains to keep it topped up.

That way, even if you’re just doing short journeys (which rapidly drain your battery), you’re still keeping your battery topped up so it functions at peak capacity. There’s nothing worse than trying to start your truck in the morning, and the engine just won’t catch because your battery’s drained. This can make you hours late when starting your day, or even cause you to lose the day entirely. It’s easily avoided with a bit of planning!

Don’t Forget Antifreeze

It’s been said that you should change the antifreeze in your system every two years. But why not do it every winter? It’s a quick and easy solution, and may help ward off problems when the temperature really drops.

Are Your Tires Ready?

So, so important. During the spring and summer, you may barely give a second thought to your tires as the roads are dry and warm. Then, moving into fall, as leaves cover the roads and the rain starts, you may start to become more aware of the surface of the road not being quite as “sticky” as it was previously.

But when the ice and snow starts, it’s a whole different ball game. So before winter really begins, you need to check your tire pressures, ensure the tread depth is good, or you may simply want to swap over to winter tires, and even make sure you have chains for them, so you can keep right on driving through whatever mother nature throws at you.

Check Your Brakes

If these don’t work as well as they should, look out! You certainly don’t want slow stopping times when there’s ice on the road! So as your business depends on your truck, get these checked before the cold starts, to help avoid any accidents, and to make driving through the ice and snow as smooth and safe as possible.

Look After Your Interior

So far we’ve only focused on the engine and the outside, but why not make the inside as comfortable and safe as possible too? Ice, snow, and (later) water will start to accumulate in your truck as you enter and leave it, so you can use something like a raptor liner as that can really help to keep your interior in good condition.

Bottom line, your truck gets tested to its limits during winter, so a full health check and a bit of planning ahead can help easily avoid a lot of problems.

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