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Samsung’s Project Space Planes

Samsung SD memory cards

Samsung SD memory cards

To promote its SD Memory Cards and to prove how tough these cards are, Samsung is going to launch 100 paper planes from the edge of space this October 2010.

We’re going to let 100 paper planes fly into the outer atmosphere, 30,000 metres above the earth. Each plane will carry a message on a Samsung SD memory card. You can upload anything you like to one of the planes via the website… words, pictures, video, music… anything that fits onto a memory card. If you find one of these planes, let us know and we’ll get you hooked up with the sender for some record-breaking fun!

Each plane will carry a message for the person who finds it.  The messages will come from people from around the world.  Anyone can join. You can upload a message to one of the planes here, it can be anything you like video, pictures, music… anything.

The Samsung SD Memory Cards are said to be magnet proof, shock proof and waterproof. But are they space proof?

Here’s some elaborate and terrifying test…

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