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If You Plan On Re-Selling Your iPhone 6s Plus You Have To Get A Skin

iPhone 6 Plus Skin

The new iPhone 6s cost you a lot of money. It’s why you’re planning on reselling it once a new generation is released and you upgrade. It’s the only way owning an iPhone is feasible. But in order to sell your 6s for top dollar it’s going to have to be in near mint condition. Easier said than done, however, as hidden dangers can scuff up and damage your cell. To keep your iPhone 6s as pristine as the day you took it out of its box, you need to get a skin.

A skin (or skin sticker) is a piece of vinyl that keeps the body of your iPhone free from scratches, dings, and gouges that would lower the resale value of the 6s. It also limits grime build-up from gumming up buttons and seams, so your phone looks brand new despite heavy use. And let’s face it—uncovered, the phone can look pretty grimy even after only one phone call and a few text messages. Think of the time it will take for Apple to release its next generation. That’s a lot of grime build up, so your phone needs something like a skin to keep it looking great.

A skin isn’t all business. While it does its best to protect your phone, it also enhances the 6s’ style. An iPhone 6s skin isn’t just raw vinyl applied to the phone. It’s treated 3M vinyl that looks as amazing as the 6s performs. Available in leather, metallic, carbon fiber and wood textures, an iPhone 6s skin can transform your phone from a run-of-the-mill Apple product into a unique piece of technology. Mix these textures with true colours like yellow, green, and blue, and you’ve got an iPhone that’s distinctly ‘you’. More importantly, you won’t be punished for protecting your iPhone. As most ugly plastic cases only serve to broadcast to the world that you’re trying defend your phone, a skin sticker is a fashion accessory.

To find the skin that matches your fashion sense, head online to find a reputable retailer. Search out those providers that can offer stylish protection with the best fit. With this in mind, you know that dbrand has your iPhone 6s skin stickers, since they’ve been specifically formulated for the exact dimensions of the 6s. Their process has been refined many times until they can afford the tightest fit. Sitting snugly against the body of the 6s, their skins won’t leave a single square millimetre uncovered so you can continue to use your iPhone without a single worry.

With a skin, you can use your new 6s to your heart’s content without the fear of damaging it or your chances of reselling it. Save your phone and your budget from a fate of marked backings, gummy buttons, and scratched bezels. Get yourself a unique and fashionable vinyl skin and protect your investment until you’re ready to sell!

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