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So What’s Next for Nokia?

Nokia Latest Phone

Nokia – once the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer – has had a turbulent time of late. The smart phone market has brought new players into the game and Nokia’s penchant for simple and classic design has struggled to compete with the advances in mobile phone technology.

However, there are many who still remain committed to the Nokia technology, which has prided itself on being robust and high quality in the past, and Nokia are doing everything they can to get themselves back in the game.

One of the biggest differences in Nokia’s latest range of smart phones such as the Lumia series is that they operate the Windows Phone operating system. This sophisticated system also makes Nokia phones easily compatible with other Microsoft devices used on home, personal computers and tablets.

As the smart phone market continues to grow, the success of companies such as Nokia will also depend on the success of Windows as the leading operating system for laptops, PCs and tablet devices.

The latest Nokia phones

The latest and most sophisticated Nokia phone series is the Lumia, with the most release being the Nokia Lumia 925. The latest model has an incredibly sophisticated design; the handset is slim and fits snugly in your pocket, it is very robust and ergonomic to hold whilst using the phone when you are texting, emailing and browsing.

Using the Windows Phone 8 operating system, this Nokia phone has one of the highest rated software specifications and includes enhanced software and features, boasting a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB of RAM. There are either 16 or 32 gigabytes of internal memory to choose from, but unfortunately there is no slot to increase this memory using an SD card.

There are also some other very good hardware features. Nokia has invested hugely on its camera and the Lumia boasts an 8.7-megapixel PureView image sensor and a new improved Carl Zeiss lens. The latest range of Nokia phones are definitely pushing to be some of the leading camera phones on the market and have a range of features and editing software to make photo taking and sharing as simple and easy as possible.

One of the great drawbacks of the Windows Phone 8 operating system however is that the app market for Windows 8 is far smaller compared to that available for Android and iOS devices. However, once again this is a market that is continually growing, so the success of the Nokia Lumia is really dependent on the success of other Windows devices.

Other Nokia phones

It seems like the Symbian operating system used on previous Nokia smart phones such as the Nokia E5 is on its way out, unable to compete with the advantages of other smart phone software. If you are looking for a new phone now might be a good time to sell your Nokia E5 whilst there is still a strong second hand phone market for Symbian devices on-line, and up-grade to the latest model of Nokia phone.

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