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Smartphone Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Best Windows Phone 8 Device

Windows Phone 8

A range of companies have launched their version of Windows Phone 8 devices and they are leaving no stone unturned to attract potential buyers.  As a buyer, it is but natural to get confused given the range of features these phones have.

Below are some suggestions that will help you choose the WP8 phone you desire.

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

If you have a fancy for large screens and an all powerful camera, your best bet could be the 8x windows phone by HTC. Screen size is 4.3 inch and you can expect an 8 megapixel camera with a 28 mm lens to capture your memorable moments. If colours attract you, the HTC windows phone will be a perfect fit. The phone will be available in a range of red, black and yellow and will be available in the market from November onwards.

Windows Phone 8S by HTC

Want to download a range of apps and worried about the memory slot of your windows phone. Your worries will take a back seat with the new 8S windows phone by HTC. The phone comes with a removable micro SD card slot. The phone has a 4GB storage capacity but this is expandable. The phone is GPS enabled and comes fully equipped for 4G services if you are in United States.

Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

If technology weighs high on your mind, try the new 920 Nokia Lumia windows phone. This phone features wireless charging, a feature unheard of till the recent past. The 4.5 inch curved glass screen adds a unique dimension to the phone and the phone is available in bright yellow, red and blue.

Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone

Another marvel from the store house of Nokia, 820 Nokia Lumia needs to on your radar, if you have a taste for photography. The 8 mega pixel camera lens enables you to get creative. Additionally, the camera offers Carl Zeiss option, auto focus and wide aperture ensuring that the pictures clicked by you make heads turn.

Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone

For those who need to conduct video calls for business purpose, the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone 8 device is the best option. The phone comes equipped with an 8 mega pixel camera and 1.9 mega pixel front video camera. The 4.8 inch screen is an additional attraction.

Microsoft Sureface Phone

According to one analyst, Microsoft may be planning the release of its own Windows Phone 8 device.  According to this site, Microsoft does indeed have their own handset in the works.   And it does seemed like a very real possibility that Microsoft could make its own smartphone, ever since the company introduced its tablet device Surface.

Other Windows Phone 8 announcements will come from China-base Huawei and ZTE, though nothing is confirmed as of date.

About the author:  Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She is a proud nerd and works with Orlando it consulting services.

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