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Frustrations with Shared Hosting? Top Reasons to Go to a Private Server

VPS Hosting - Top Reasons to Go to a Private Server

Most websites on the Internet are used in a “shared” environment. This makes hosting relatively cheap, but it also contributes to a decrease in overall performance. This is because every website and account on a single server shares drive space, bandwidth, memory and software with each other.

Shared environments are not completely useless, but they don’t perform as well as VPS hosting. For one thing, too much traffic on one of those other websites can hinder speed performance of another. This can be problematic since most Internet users abandon a site if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

This says nothing about how search engines value speed when it comes to showing pages in search results.

Below are top reasons why anyone should consider using a private server. From eCommerce to a sole proprietor setting up a game hosting service, there is just simply more that can be done with VPS hosting.

Greater Portability

Many VPS providers will store the entire site as an image file. This means that it can be moved seamlessly from one server to another without downtime. Essentially, it’s creating an exact duplicate of the site and installing it in another location. Then, the hosting provider or yourself simply change the physical address of where the site is stored.

This image file allows for a quick and easy way to either upgrade or downgrade the service depending on personal needs and interests. This includes any and all applications and data. The imaging process also makes the transfer quick without fear of losing important files and information. This can save time when installing background software or keeping security settings for the new location.

Ability to Scale in Most Cases

Most VPS services have the ability to scale depending on needs. For instance, more drive space or memory can be allocated if possible should the site owner request such. This usually happens when a site becomes more popular than initially intended.

This scalable feature is often a two-way street. While it can boost the performance of a site that has grown to great levels of popularity, it also helps those who don’t need as many resources because of low-visitor counts. Depending on the hosting provider, this may directly affect the annual costs of using the VPS respectively.

Greater Flexibility

Many shared hosting environments are strictly prohibited from using certain functions and scripts. This isn’t necessarily a security risk, but some things are merely unsupported by a shared server. Using the virtual private server eliminates a lot of that frustration for the developer.

Operators of VPS servers are given control over application installations and configurations. They have root access abilities and are able to make changes as they see fit. This delivers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to using various pieces of software or fine-tuning security practices.

In fact, many VPS hosting providers allow for an unlimited number of applications to be used. That is, as long as there is enough drive space available.

Better Security

One of the most favored aspects of VPS is the enhanced security. This includes the ability to keep sensitive data away from sharing environments while preventing malware from taking advantage of the server. Using VPS gives users exclusive access to files and data which removes the element of being compromised because of sharing.

Although VPS accounts have potential to be far more secure, it also means that owners will need to have knowledge of the system. Setting the wrong configuration can actually lead to a compromised security platform. This is why many VPS owners will hire knowledgeable network administrators to keep an eye on things. This is often done through outsourcing when needed.

More Available Resources

One of the most obvious reasons why people choose VPS is because of the increase in available resources. Instead of sharing drive space, memory and bandwidth with others, the VPS environment is guaranteed a certain allocation. This means owners don’t have to worry if they are sharing bandwidth with a website that is ultra-active and making the entire server slow.

This allocation allows the website and data to process faster than they would be in a shared environment. Visitors get a better experience when browsing the site and search engines can access information faster when indexing content.

Switching to VPS will undoubtedly improve SEO, as long as there is quality content on the site.

Better Cost to Performance Ratio

When compared to shared servers, VPS is more expensive. However, the amount of power behind VPS is what offsets the difference in cost. Because owners are guaranteed certain resources from the server in question, the performance is vastly increased. In most cases, the ratio between cost and performance is worth the investment of VPS.

Take eCommerce, for example. Studies show that as much as one second in hesitation of loading a webpage can result in a 10 percent decrease in overall income. That’s because speed matters to consumers and SEO. The accessibility to resources alone may be worth the investment of switching to VPS.

Improved Versatility

Using virtual private servers also enhances versatility of what can be done on the server. While some shared hosting accounts have limited access to some of these features, there is just greater control over the following in a private environment.

File Storage
Storing files is strictly limited to access by those on the system. It’s like having a privately protected directory on a server for access. It can also be accessed in a Cloud-storage capacity.

Many owners who use VPS have greater control over email servers, software and security. For example, many will install state-of-the-art spam filters and anti-viral applications that may not be available in a shared environment.

Social Networking
With greater access to resources and the overall functionality of VPS, it’s easy to set up a social network. Thousands of people could be online appreciating images or sharing videos without the server crashing from bandwidth use.

It’s All About Performance

Shared servers have their place for small sites and blogs that don’t require a great deal of resources. However, everyone aspires to grow a site into a powerhouse. When this happens, VPS hosting is simply a better choice. It’s all about the user experience, and a private server can deliver a greater way to deliver that aspect.

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