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Windows Restarting By Itself: Causes and Solutions

Windows Rebooting by itself

Does your PC restart itself and your work gets interrupted in between. It sometimes becomes a matter of great panic. However, don’t worry, once you know the cause as to why the Windows are getting restarted itself without prior information, you will be able to give it a permanent solution. Any one of the below may be the cause and solution for it.   Just check out:

  1. The memory stick sectors may be bad or dirty memory slots.
  2. There may be the virus in the boot sectors.
  3. CPU might have got excessive heat.
  4.  The device driver, motherboard may not be working properly.

Sometimes, it may be due to device driver not working properly. Sometimes, unexpectedly Windows may restart itself while using the internet and your computer may show you the blue coloured screen.

Windows Restarting by itself

However, many times it is just for very few seconds or for a short duration of time that you might even fail to read out message telling you about the error. It is due to driver caused error of fatal system STOP and due to this restarting it-self means that the check box has got restarted in the recovery and start up box, which is located under the properties of the system.

If this is the problem with your system then first of all automatic rebooting should be turned off and then restart the PC. Now press F8, when your system machine POSTS. Now, choose the safe mode and press ENTER by the use of arrow key, which is present in the resulting menu.

Now, you will boot the whole machine. Once the booting is completed open the control panel and choose the option for system and select the advanced option in it. Now, go to the option for start up and recovery and select the option for settings over there.  You will see the tab for system failure, simply uncross the option for automatic restart and press ok to confirm and make the whole system to undergo rebooting normally. Now, again try to use the internet.

Secondly, there may be a problem in memory. You may confirm it, if your system either does not post or reboots on start-up after posting. It may be because the memory stick might have any bad sector. It may also be due to dirt over connection between mother board and memory sticks. To solve this problem, take clean, soft, white eraser and clean the contacts of the chip. You may even reboot each and every memory chip.

Third cause may be that the CPU gets excessive heating. It may be due to poor CPU or the fan of the case. In such cases, it is preferred to change the CPU or you can even change the fan alone or case fan when you do not feel appropriate air flowing.

Fourthly, it can be due to virus in the boot sector. In such case, the after posting of the screen becomes blue as the virus does not allow the system to boot. To avoid it use anti-virus.

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