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The World Has Changed And So Has The Internet

Fiber Optic Internet

Remember the earlier days of getting connected to the Internet? The dial-ups would take an eternity to connect and even after connection, it would take another eternity to load a page. We have come a long way from those times as the world and technology evolved. During the 1990s when the internet was getting popular in the households, it was still considered a luxury. Over the years considerable changes have come in the technology used by the Internet Service Providers or ISPs to combat high competition and an increasing demand for high-speed, cost-efficient and consistent internet connection. The Internet, today, has become the lifeline of the economy. Here’s a look at how over the years the internet has evolved and how it has affected the world.

The early days – Crawling dialups 

It all started off as a military communication network as we all know. But then, people started getting to explore the different ways in which it can be used for their life’s betterment. Faster communication was the first interesting factor that prompted many organizations to adopt the internet into their infrastructure in the earlier days. It slowly caught on with the households who could afford the connection and with increasing demands more households were able to connect to the internet. By this time, the World Wide Network had started developing into a useful information repository. Students and universities were now more dependent on the internet for their research and development.

The popular days – DSL Internet

As the technology developed, the ISPs were looking for a better connectivity solution that offered a higher speed and more consistent connection. Since most of the people depended on the landline then, for direct communication, and as the dial-up internet greatly disturbed that network, there was an increasing demand for a connection that would be less expensive and at the same time would not keep the telephone on hold. Around the same time, the households were increasingly getting the cable internet connection through the DSL cable. This prompted the ISPs to find ways to utilize the DSL cables to provide a faster, cheaper and better connection that would release the hold on the telephone. Around the same time, the larger organizations were ready to invest on dedicated leased lines and fiber optic cables since the speed and reliability were more crucial for them than the affordability. DSL cables are even now one of the most popular internet connections across the world.

The trending connection – Fiber Optics

The millennium saw a revolutionary change in the way technology developed. There’s way too much competition and to combat with the same, the big players among the ISPs are investing on research and development which resulted in a cheaper and faster alternative for DSL cables which is the fiber optics cable internet. This has made the fiber optics the most preferred way of residential internet connections in many cities as they are faster, more reliable and come cheaper to the user because of a lot of advantages they offer. In the last 10 years, the internet has changed the way the world works. Be it work, education, entertainment, commerce or even strategic government functions, the world has become highly dependent on the internet for everything. Now new service providers are coming up with a range of affordable and customizable options for ultra-fast internet connection using the fiber optics technology. This has made the internet a lifeline for the households too as they can now afford and depend on a faster internet connection for paying the utility bills, learning and working from home, shopping online, keeping in touch with their loved ones and even getting entertained through online games and movies.


Looking forward Wireless

People want everything on the go now. Mobile internet has already become very popular in many countries even though they are a lot more expensive that the cable internet. Wireless is the most trending pattern in technology. The mobile phone started it all. When the world could afford to communicate with no strings attached, the mobile became very convenient and slowly affordable too. In fact, mobile phones have evolved much faster in the recent years than anything else. From a convenient communication media to an intelligent device that has made us forget about PCs, the mobile has gone through revolutionary changes within a short period of time. Mobiles have become much cheaper too. But internet data is still not as affordable in most of the countries. That’s the technology the R & D is working on right now to make wireless more affordable and consistent. As such, PCs are used only for office work and in universities. Students and professionals use notepads that are easy to carry around and do not occupy much space. With an affordable wireless internet easily available, everyone can benefit from working on the go. This is more important because there’s high competition in all fields of work and prompt and accurate responses are crucial to striking any deal. When things get done on the go, the stress factor reduces making people a lot more efficient and smarter. The Internet of Things has become another reason for more people choosing the wireless connection over the wired connections.

The internet is definitely evolving fast and involving higher speed and better reliability across the world. In fact, with the internet, the world has become a much smaller place. You can now video conference with your friends and family staying in different parts of the world. Click one button and your image and other official documents are available across the world anywhere. E-learning has changed the way the world learned. The less privileged can also evolve using the internet in learning and working. E-commerce has made everything available everywhere. The world is positively evolving faster with the internet.

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