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4 Quick Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers

As the ubiquity of electronic communication devices increases worldwide, the need for establishing a virtual presence becomes more apparent. Lawyers and many other professionals no longer have to rely on personal contacts and networking events as their only means of obtaining clients.

Digital marketing is quickly becoming a precursor to many lawyers’ success, and its value will keep on growing exponentially in the foreseeable future. Here are some tips to help you harness the momentum of digital marketing.

Invest in a Quality, SEO-Driven Website

Combining a sound SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy with appealing web design is an excellent way to drive potential clients to your business for free. According to industry experts, 94% of internet users form first impressions of a website based on its design alone. Whether you run a law firm or work as an individual attorney, the effort you put into your digital appearance will directly reflect on your marketing efforts’ results.

To enhance your website’s ranking in the search engine results, and achieve impressive retention rates, ensure your site includes:

  • High-volume keywords relevant to your content and the services you offer
  • A visually appealing design and smooth website navigation
  • An FAQ page that adequately explains what you do and how you can solve various legal issues
  • Strong CTAs (Calls-to-Action)
  • Mobile optimization

Employ Effective Marketing Methods

Given the plethora of marketing methods available, lawyers can experience challenges when narrowing down to the most effective options. Your potential clients and their general interests should always drive your choice of marketing options. For example, DUI lawyer marketing is usually different from injury attorney marketing.

That said, consider including either of the following options in your digital marketing efforts:

  • Blogging
    Blogging is still a go-to digital marketing strategy for businesses seeking to enhance their visibility and credibility. In the legal field, especially, blogging’s true potential is relatively untapped, leaving plenty of room to achieve massive online success.
  • LinkedIn
    Also known as the Facebook for professionals, LinkedIn can be a powerful social media platform for lawyers if used correctly. Estimates suggest that 75% of law firms and attorneys use LinkedIn as part of their digital marketing strategy.
  • Facebook and Twitter
    Although Facebook and Twitter are not as popular as LinkedIn among professionals, they still have immense potential for networking and career development. In particular, Facebook can be a highly effective platform for law firms with an older client base.

Use Retargeting to Your Advantage

Have you ever noticed a specific company’s advertisements on a different website soon after visiting that company’s website? This is a fundamental yet highly effective digital marketing strategy called remarketing or retargeting.

After working hard to drive potential clients to your website, retargeting campaigns can help you drive back bounced traffic long after they exit your site. Remarketing campaigns build brand awareness by reinforcing your company’s image as the best option. The more internet users view your brand message, the better the chances of gaining their trust.

Develop Testimonials and Highlight Successes via Case Studies

Customer testimonials can help convince potential customers already interested in your business. Start collecting positive feedback and requesting statements from former clients you developed close relationships with regarding their experience with your business. Include transparent case studies decorated with client quotes to prove your business’s credibility and the value of your services.


Despite the strong position traditional advertising still holds in the marketing world, more legal professionals quickly realize digital marketing’s immense potential. By following the tips mentioned above and investing the right time and effort, your business will eventually stand out from its competitors.

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