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How To Build Your Own Email Marketing Automation Platform

How To Build Your Own Email Marketing Automation Platform

There has never been a better time for software developers, like yourself, to design, develop, deploy, and distribute their own custom marketing machines. This way, you can showcase your creativity, maximize your earning curve, and secure new lucrative opportunities. To help you get started now, read on to learn how to build your own email marketing automation platform.

Prioritizing Accessible Marketing Benefits

How Prioritizing Accessible Marketing Benefits Your Business

Accessibility is a type of inclusion that focuses on meeting everyone’s needs. For marketing, potential customers experience your business anytime they interact with it online, on social media, through email inboxes, etc. Thus, making your marketing more accessible is incredibly important; otherwise, your business is shutting the door on 15% of the world’s population.

Market in the Metaverse

Is It Worthwhile to Market in the Metaverse?

The increased interest in big tech companies like Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc), and Nvidia has brought in a huge amount of first-adopters rapidly expanding the network. Is there a need for marketing in the Metaverse?

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