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5 Huge Benefits of Using VPNs

Benefits of Using VPNs

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can serve many different purposes. One of its key benefits is to improve security but there is much more to a VPN than security alone. VPN usage is becoming more popular with both businesses and individuals turning to the services of VPNs.

Here are some of the biggest benefits that VPNs offer:

1. Virtual Working Environments for Multisite Businesses

Where a company has several offices based across different areas of the country, or even the world, a VPN can provide a solution that allows them to share the company network. People working on the same projects need to easily be able to share files and a VPN will allow them to access the same files, regardless of which location they are at. Imagine how difficult it would be to share files without having a shared drive? Sending large volumes of emails or looking at the less secure option of file sharing sites. For many businesses, the idea of using file-sharing sites is a major risk, depending on the data in question and for some it isn’t even considered to be an option. However, a VPN provides a very secure way to share important files.

2. Privacy

There are a number of reasons that people require privacy for their online activity. In some circumstances, people use VPNs to disguise where they are accessing the internet from to get around restrictions. For example, if a TV company only allows access to services from within the UK, people can use a VPN to access from places outside of the UK. There are lots of other reasons people may wish to protect their privacy, not least because ISPs are now allowed to sell on your browsing history. Some people won’t care too much about their browsing history being revealed but it could be quite a concern for many others.

3. To Make Public WiFi Connection More Secure

If you’re in the shockingly high percentage of people that think your information is safe when you access the internet via public WiFi, think again. Anything that is shared publicly is at an increased level of risk. Cyber criminals can use the security weaknesses to their advantage, so don’t even think about logging into your bank account or entering your card payment details without a VPN. Remember, hackers are sophisticated and you can’t guarantee 100% security but taking additional methods will certainly help to keep your personal data protected.

4. To Enable Homeworking for Employees

More and more companies are offering employees the opportunity to work from home. This has many benefits to the business and employee alike. For the employee, it means flexible working, reduction in travel requirements and can allow them to work around childcare and other commitments better. Overall, homeworking is an attractive benefit for many workers and they tend to be more engaged and have been found to be more productive working from home.

From the business side, as well as having highly engaged and productive employees, they can make considerable savings from operating with a homeworking policy. Running an office costs a lot of money and every additional employee in the office means extra costs.

5. Improved Recruitment Opportunities

Companies that don’t provide remote working are limited by the amount of skilled workers that are available locally. If a company has an office that is difficult to travel to or isn’t a desirable location, they are less likely to attract the best candidates for jobs. Allowing employees to work from remote locations through a secure method like VPN means businesses can tap into top talent from anywhere in the world.

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