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6 Essential Technical SEO Tips To Increase Organic Search Traffic

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While you may have known that SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of internet marketing, you may not have known that there are different types of SEO. One of the most important types to learn is called technical SEO, which is defined as any SEO done to help rank your website for keywords outside of your actual published content.

Here are six essential technical SEO tips you can use to increase organic search traffic to your blog or website:

Six Essential Ways to Increase Organic Search Traffic

1. Choose A Reliable Web Hosting Service

If you want to run the strongest technical SEO campaign you can, the very first thing you need to do is choose a reliable and secure web hosting service. If you fail to do so, your subsequent SEO efforts could all be for nothing.

Fortunately, a reliable web host ensures that your site will be safe against hackers, be fast to load on mobile devices, and won’t crash repeatedly. All of this will translate to higher rankings on search engines.

2. Fix Your SEO Errors

There will always be certain components of your SEO marketing campaign that you can improve, and to identify what those components are, a special SEO analysis service will generate reports for you showing what exactly you need to fix to give your rankings a boost.

3. Use a Mobile Friendly Website Theme

Since more people are using mobile devices than desktops or laptops to search the web nowadays, all of the major search engines are now giving preference to mobile-friendly websites. For this reason alone, invest in a high-quality mobile-friendly theme when you first begin designing your blog or site.

4. Remove Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is identical content that appears under more than one URL. When this happens, search engines will be forced to decide between the different versions to try and choose the original, which negatively affects your search rankings. Therefore, you’ll want to check your website for duplicate content on a regular basis and remove any that you find. You can use a free plagiarism checker to remove any duplicate content.

5. Incorporate Keywords In Your Meta Description Tag

Your meta description tag is the small amount of text underneath your listing in a search engine. While you should already be including keywords in each of your page titles, you’ll want to include one or two in your meta description as well to further compel a web searcher to click your link. This is probably the most overlooked but also one of the most effective technical SEO tips there is.

6. Be Patient

Finally, don’t forget to be patient. Many people start their own website or blog expecting to see the results they’ve wanted within a few days of applying SEO techniques, but the truth is that it will take weeks if not months before you start to see a noticeable difference. As the old adage goes, patience is a virtue.

Wrapping Things Up

Running a strong technical SEO campaign is essential to generating traffic for your website. While there are certainly many more tips out there for you to learn, these six will serve as a great foundation for you to start with.

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