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7 Billion and You: Where do you fit into this story of human life?

7 Billion

In the next few weeks, the world’s population is expected to hit 7 billion. The number of people on the planet, despite growing very slowly for most of human history, has more than doubled since 1968. And this growth is projected to continue at least until the middle of the 21st century.

7 Billion…

What number are you? In order to put yourself in perspective to the rest of the world, UNFPA created 7 Billion and Me. With this web application you will be able to relate your own personal characteristics, such as your sex, age, date and place of birth, as well as current residence to the situation of the world’s 7 billion people. Go try it out. You might be surprised at what you will find out.

7 Billion and Me

Current World Population

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sources: www.7billionandme.org and 7billionactions.org

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