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7 Characteristics of a Truly Great Professional Logo

Burger King Logo PNG

A professional logo is backbone of every successful brand!

We all agree with this statement but very few of us know the right ingredients to have a truly great professional custom logo design.


There are unlimited answers for this ‘Why’ but very few for the ‘How’s’ for having a perfect logo design.

So let’s see how we can do it right. Let’s talk about what how to make your logo perfectly professional and a sign of success for your branding. Here are top seven characteristics that make a logo truly great.

It’s Timeless

We all heard about Mussoorie and know that peak as the queen of mountains. Why? Because after all these centuries, its still standing elegantly giving a fascinating glimpse at any distance. A perfect logo isn’t time-bound and there are brands that achieved this feature in their custom logo design.

When updating your existing custom logo design, ask yourself: Will this logo still be relevant in a few years? Can it withstand years or decades of changes in the industry?

You must seek for this quality of timelessness so it remains fresh after several decades. And if you want more explanation on how to make it timeless, read on.

It’s Relatable

Many business owners confuse custom logo design with artworks that fascinate people. That’s not true at all!

A custom logo design, though, fascinates our eyes but it includes another feature of being relatable to the business. The right example is of Burger King having covered its name with a bun from both (upper and lower) sides. Or you can look at Beats Electronics’ logo that represents a headphone indicating its products.

When updating your custom logo design, make sure its relatable to your services or products.

It’s Adaptable

Your business logo serves as your business’ face, everywhere!

It’s one, recognizable element that is your identity during all sort of promotions. So, it should be given ample attention to make it adaptable for every platform. From web to print and what not, your business logo should contain that ‘wow’ factor across all platforms.

You can find more information on how to make your business logo scalable for every platform where it would be used, here.

Smartly Planned

A logo is perceived with the business idea, way before initiating the company.

In other words, every business logo has a base idea that defines its design direction during the brainstorm session.

If you truly want to have a professional logo design for your business, you must sit down with your graphic designer and discuss that base idea with him. So, he can design it with a view to attach it with your branding plans.


Ever heard of golden ratio in design?

See, how every angle is equal in every side and how it makes the design perfect?

This is the kind of qualities you need to instill in your custom logo design in order to make it perfect. From kerning to color selection and shapes to typographic part, your logo needs to be well proportioned in every way.

Designed With Contrast

As you go about making your logo professional, you need to maintain the color contrast in it.

Whether you use primary color or seek help from various variations of the selected hue, you need to maintain the contrast between object (used in logo) and the font.

Negative Space Utilized Well

If you opt for the blend of typography and abstract, you must maintain the balance between both the sections.

To do so, you must not leave the negative space empty that may become a topic of discussion (mostly negative) in your audience. Ask your graphic designer to fill that surrounding, white space with your business name or the tagline of the company (if need be).

Comment below and share your story that how you perfected your professional logo design?

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