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9 Reasons to Try Android Video Conferencing

BlueJeans Android Video Conferencing

The modern office has changed drastically after the introduction of the Internet, and one of the best advances that it brought us was video conferencing. Now everyone in a meeting no longer needs to be in the same room, the same country, or even the same time zone.

If you already use video conferencing, you can make the experience even better with android video conferencing with BlueJeans. Take your meeting skills to the next level by using your smartphone or tablet, and check out the reasons below for just how it can benefit your business.

  1. You already have the technology: With 80 percent of online adults now owning smartphones according to Tech Crunch, it’s more than likely you own one yourself. They’re great for checking your email, playing games on the train, and keeping connected on social media, but have you tried them for video conferencing? You may be surprised at how simple and versatile they are for calls.
    video conferencing
  1. You don’t need any extra equipment: Speaking of your phone, it includes all of the equipment you’ll need for video conferencing, including the camera and microphone. The software needed is very easily downloaded, too. The set up for a mobile video call as opposed to a static one is almost nonexistent, and probably easier than you think.
  1. You’re always connected to the office: If you travel a lot, it can be difficult to stay in the loop with your workplace. Laptops can be bulky and awkward to use, and phone calls often just don’t cut it. Video calling on your phone means you can be involved in meetings back home, but you only have to use your portable smartphone in order to do so.
  1. Lends itself to a variety of uses: Unlike ‘traditional’ video conferencing, mobile video calling allows for a multitude of uses. Search Mobile Computing suggest trying it to live stream a situation to allow for real time problem solving, film in certain locations for use in claims adjustment, or engage with customers instantly. If you need to call, simply grab your phone and get going.
  1. You can use it on the move: If you’re traveling, rather than spending the time disconnected from work, you can multitask and call into the office, or connect with the base you’re traveling to. This way, you’re never out of touch and can solve problems while on the move. With mobile conferencing, it’s even easier to do so.
  1. Mobile networks are now widespread: Starleaf notes that for a successful mobile video call, you need to find a strong Wi-Fi connection and stay near it for the duration of your call. Nowadays, there are open Wi-Fi networks in almost every public location, and most coffee shops and restaurants offer free connection to their customers. Wherever you are, you can get a steady connection and call into a meeting with ease.
  1. Allows for flexibility: With a video call based on a laptop or computer, a lot of time can be spent on set up, audio and visual testing, and ensuring the room you’re using is set up perfectly. This means that your calls will be planned well in advance. With mobile video calls, you don’t have to deal with any of these problems. If you need to contact your colleagues, you can simply fire up the app and get going. Perfect if problems arise and you need a quick answer, or want to pick somebody’s brains about an issue.
  1. Avoids unnecessary travel: Video conferencing can, in many cases, completely replace in-person With many companies based over different buildings or continents, meeting with your colleagues can often be difficult or even possible. Meeting them online instead means you’re avoiding costly travel expenses and saving large amounts of your precious time.
  1. Can lead to quicker decision making: With video calls being a fast, dynamic way of meeting with others, it comes as no surprise that they’re much better for your productivity. Synonym claim that video calls allow meeting attendees to exchange information in real time, which means that deliberation, collaboration and decision-making all happen much more quickly. When this happens, you can make all your decisions and then get to working on your project, rather than spending a great deal of time on the meeting itself.

To conclude:

Mobile video conferencing can be a real boon to your business, whether you’re a veteran of the virtual meeting room, or you’ve never tried it before in your life. The portability of smartphones and tablets mean that you can attend a meeting wherever you are, whether you’re in the office, at home, or even on the move. Video conferencing has revolutionized how many businesses meet and make decisions, and mobile conferencing is the exciting next step. Why not try it out for yourself, and see what it can do for you?

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