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Why companies are making the switch to VoIP

reducing costs

Due to rising costs in electricity bills, business are switching over to VoIP technology when possible to help reduce the costs of running a business. In order to successfully carry out VolP technology, you’ll need to connect with a VolP provider like BroadConnect USA.

Not only are businesses choosing to run their calls through VoIP when possible, but there is now a variety of options for business to look outside of the traditional IP calling. For example, you can now use VoIP solutions for faxes, email, voice mail, web conferences and alternative means of communication on top of the traditional phone calls. You’ll find that with more and more businesses popping up across North America and covering more niches than ever before, offering many VoIP solutions is essential to meet all our clients’ needs.

VolP Services

There are many independent companies that cover Voice over IP services. You’ll find roughly 50 companies with mentioning — one of those companies is Broadconnect. Broadconnect offers a range of services, such as hosted PBX, sip trunking, added value VolP, a hosted call center, Microsoft Lync 2013, business internet, managed services and service locations. In addition to all those services, a VolP company can specialize in Phone systems which include, unified communications, custom solution experts, government solutions, financial services, real estate, hospitality solutions and even retail.

VoIP technology is available for both mobile phones and other phones. While mobile clearly is more popular than ever with the new technology now running on Apple’s own iOS software and Google coming not long after for their Android software, it’s also really popular to use without mobile too.

The downsides to VoIP you must understand

While using an IP network is far cheaper than connecting through any traditional means of phone service, there are some downsides. Communication on the IP network is generally known as less reliable, and that’s where a provider such as Broadconnect can help. Rather than letting a less reliable connection scare you away from using the technology altogether, you should be searching for the right provider. They have professionals with as much experience as any other company in the industry.


It’s important to understand that most of people’s connection concerns come with latency and not losing a call entirely. Latency is how long a command takes to respond. With phone calls, that can mean a slight delay. Making sure you find a company with an excellent reputation for dealing with latency and reducing latency is imperative; more-so than most other features for company across the United States.

Now that we’ve covered the common concerns early on, let’s take a deeper look into the VoIP technology so you can better understand what it’s all about. The main upside comes with low costs. Moreover, the prices of extensions are lower for PBX and key systems. VoIP switches can run on commodity hardware and personal computers.

Emergency Calls and VoIP

While learning about VoIP technology, you might be wondering about emergency calls. Emergencies happen despite your best efforts, and with a normal phone you can usually dial out for an emergency call easily thanks to the phone company creating a relationship between the phone number and the physical location. In regards to IP technology, no such direct relation between physical location and phone number occurs. However, an ISP can track an IP address and in most cases a distress signal can be tracked.

Source a company that offers outstanding customer support for all people with just one click from the main menu on the website. In fact, even checking for an automated chat box which offers help right from the beginning is great when visiting the site so you’ll know there’s always someone ready to help you with every need.


As with anything that relies on an online connection, security is cause for concern. Correspondingly, unlike computer operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, VoIP technology doesn’t have advanced security to prevent hackers from doing things like recording calls and hacking voice mall messages. While hackers can potentially take advantages of these vulnerabilities, cases of such happening are rare. For starters, your calls don’t hold great value like a picture or camera would unless you are talking about confidential information that could be of use when in the wrong hands. As such, importance of security for companies choosing to go with VoIP will vary.

Just how popular is VoIP?

According to sipnology, businesses are still continuing to make the switch from traditional landline services to VoIP. Some of that can be directly attributed to the tough economic times, where companies are always looking to make cost cuts. Nonetheless, it’s not all because of the economic downturn.  There are advantages and reasons to use the technology for the sake of being a great deal more efficient.

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