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A Detailed Guide to CPM- Definition, Benefits, and Calculation

CPM Definition Benefits and Calculation A Detailed Guide to CPM- Definition, Benefits, and Calculation

Digital advertising or digital marketing is an evolved shape of marketing. This new shape of marketing evolved after the rise of the internet. The Internet gave space to retailers especially B2C (Business to Consumers) to promote their business to a large number of audiences worldwide.

The rise of ecommerce increased the demand for digital marketing. Digital marketers design a lot of techniques to promote a specific product or business for an increased turnover by targeting general or a specific category of consumers. Digital advertisers run plenty of campaigns to promote their businesses. They have to pay a certain amount of money to the websites they use for their advertising campaign. There are some metrics used for the payment of the total marketing campaign. One of these metrics is CPM.

Sometimes you just know the CPM cost and total amount or number of ad impressions and CPM and you have to figure out the unknown value from it. But often you need a quick way to figure out the exact numbers of your ad campaign. There is a simple way for it. You can use any online CPM calculator for this purpose. CPM means ‘Cost per Mille’, where Mille is the roman word used for ‘1000’. In digital advertising, CPM refers to Cost per Thousand ad impressions. It simply reflects that each time an ad is shown 100 times on a marketing space or website, the advertisers have to pay a fixed amount of money to the owner of that website.

Usually, this metric is used to buy or sell a specific amount of ad impression at a fixed price. For example, if a digital marketer buys 500,000 ad impressions for $10 per CPM then he would pay $5,000 for 500,000 ad impressions on the website. CPM provides a simple way to measure the amount you are getting or giving for a marketing campaign on the web with a certain amount fixed for every 1000 ad impressions on a certain website. A lot of digital marketers and website owners use CPM as a metric to predict the net price of a digital marketing campaign.

CPM is an important pricing model in digital marketing. We will highlight the benefits of using CPM as a metric for payment and also discuss some great tools available online to calculate CPM for marketing campaigns in this article. Benefits of CPM and ways to calculate it are given below:

Benefits of CPM

CPM gives different benefits to website owners and digital marketers. We will take a look at the benefits for both sides of a digital marketing campaign deal one by one. Benefits for both parties are listed below:

Benefits of CPM for Marketer or Marketing Agency

Digital marketers get a variety of advantages by using CPM as a pricing model. The advantages of using CPM as a pricing model for ad campaigns are given below:

Guaranteed number of targeted Audience

It is guaranteed that you will get a defined number of ad impressions to reach the targeted audience. This is the key to branding campaigns.

Clear Expectations

You will have a clear idea about your ad campaign. You will have the control and visibility that how much amount of money you are paying exactly for every 1000 ad impressions.

Easy Calculation

CPM pricing model is very easy to calculate if you know your budget and impressions which are to be served on a marketing space or website.

Understanding the Impact

You would be able to understand the cost of presenting additional data to your targeted audience and its impact when it is delivered to the audience.

Getting an Idea about Efficient Platform

With CPM as a pricing model, you can easily compare the effectiveness of various platforms and audiences against each other. You can easily evaluate which platform is more efficient for the ideal audience reach.

Advantages of CPM as a Pricing Model for a Publisher or Website Owner

CPM doesn’t only benefit advertisers but is really beneficial for publishers too. The benefits for publishers or website owners are listed below:

Clear Understanding

CPM as a pricing model provides a clear understanding of the publisher or website owner about the relationship of views of a page and revenue generated as a result. If you have a high audience reach and a lot of web traffic lands on your site then you can easily monetize your content by selling it on the basis of CPM.

Better than Other Pricing Models

CPM suits you for every ad format on your website. Because sometimes your website’s ad format is more suitable for brand campaigning. This means if you choose CPC as a pricing model you would earn considerably less as compared to CPM.

Getting Paid for Below the Fold Ads

Ads that are placed under the fold on your website are still considered as served if they actually go unviewed. As a result, you will get paid.

Calculation of CPM

The calculation of CPM is quite simple. You just have to use the formula which is given below:

CPM= (Total Cost Spent / Number of Ad Impressions) × 1000

One really efficient CPM calculator is available for free on the website. You can simply access this efficient CPM Calculator then you can easily calculate any hidden value in the CPM metrics.

This calculator gives you the ease of choosing what is to be determined and then you just simply need to input the other two known values and it will give you the answer of a calculation. You can calculate the CPM if you enter the total amount spent and the total number of ad impressions. You will get the answer in the form of the total amount if you input the CPM and a total number of Ad impressions in the given boxes of the CPM calculator. You can also calculate the total number of ad impressions if you input the CPM and total amount in the given boxes of CPM calculator.

These known metrics would certainly help you in making a more precise digital marketing strategy and great decisions regarding various ongoing ad campaigns.

The Take-away

CPM is one of the digital marketing pricing models. It is really effective in running branding campaigns. A lot of digital marketers and website owners use it while dealing with digital marketing campaigns because they see it as a beneficial pricing model. You can use an online CPM Calculator to figure out any vital value in this pricing model. These values would help you in reaching useful decisions while reviewing or making a digital marketing strategy for more effective reach. Good Luck!

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