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Your AV Systems are Too Important to Trust to Just Anyone

AV System

It would be a mistake for a company to underestimate the importance of their audio-visual system. You can’t just let anyone handle your company’s audio – your system needs to be installed by a trusted specialist with an impeccable track record in order to get the perfectly tuned experience. The quality of your audio-visual installation needs to be excellent because both employee productivity and customer sales depend on it.

Distinguish a Good AV Specialist Team

There are many AV system installation companies to choose from, this much is true, but there are only a few that will do the job correctly (such as LineTech AV if you’re in the Toronto area). Finding out which company to settle for can be difficult unless you know what you are looking for. This step is very important to ensure that your audio needs are fulfilled.

One thing that you should look for is a company that specializes in what you need. It is a bad idea to trust an AV company that mostly services an unrelated industry. If you’re looking for someone who works with corporate offices or retail spaces, it’s a bad idea to hire a firm that mostly handles children’s birthday parties. You need to find a company that works in your field and knows what to expect from the specific challenges that they will encounter.

But it isn’t enough that they work in your field – you also need to ensure that they offer you the right mix of features and support that will ensure that your custom audio-visual system continues to operate at peak efficiency. Choose a company, like LineTech AV, which offers regular maintenance to ensure that your systems never go down.

How High-Quality Music Can Have a Positive Impact

The reason you need to invest in a high-quality system is because music actually equals money in a retail setting. You should make sure that your AV systems team is able to set up your audio system so that customers and backroom employees can hear different music – that way you can customize the benefits to your liking.

If you want to enhance your employee’s cognitive functions, like memory retention or idea building, then introducing serene music with nature sounds would be a good idea. Studies show that nature sounds keep the mind active without distracting it. Nature sounds are very particular, and can easily be washed out by low-grade speakers. This is one of the reasons why your audio system needs to be of the highest quality, installed by a company that knows what they’re doing (like LineTech AV).

Customers – on the other hand – need a different type of music to help increase sales. Apparently, the best type of music to play is classical music. One study showed that customers hearing classical music were prepared to spend more money. Experts noted that customers will stay and spend more time in a store if the music is relatively slow, but it also has to be enjoyable music or music they like. Pay attention to the demographics that make up most of your business to figure out the music that should be played in your retail space. When you see the effect it has on your bottom-line or your productivity numbers, you won’t be disappointed!

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