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Benefits of a VoIP System


Connecting with International Clients

We understand that all of your clients are no longer just down the street. In fact, some of your clients may not even be in the same state, or even the same country for that matter. So how do you connect with internationally-based clients who may live thousands of miles away?

While having a great webpage and social media presence is always a viable option, there is a much more traditional method that might present an even more convenient option—the telephone.

Specifically, I am referring to VoIP phones. There are many benefits of a VoIP system, especially for business owners. Here, I will tell you more about using a VoIP system, as well as fill you in on the benefits of using one. Who knows? I may even be nice enough to share my opinion on who are the best VoIP providers.

Using a VoIP System

I’m sure you already know how to use a regular telephone, right? Chances are good that you do. And if that is the case, then you probably already know how to use a VoIP system without even knowing it. Although you can get VoIP to work via computer, it is just as simple to get a compatible phone. Then, you simply use it as you would any other telephone. For those who are a bit more tech savvy, using a computer with a headset to make calls might be the way to go. There are lots of VoIP services that can operate on or through your laptop or desktop internet connected computer at minimum cost.

One potentially-lucrative benefit to most modern VoIP systems is the ability to conduct a conference call with multiple parties. This feature can allow two or three CEO’s from around the world to chat with each other visually without ever having to leave their respective offices. One VoIP provider in particular, Polycom, has a phenomenal phone conference feature built into their VoIP interface. If you’re looking to set up a VoIP protocol with your business, the ability to hold a phone conference is a must have!

Benefits of a VoIP System

What are the benefits of a VoIP system over other systems? Lots! Just a few benefits include:

  • Clearer and better call quality than a regular phone;
  • A very small charge to make or receive calls, no matter if you are calling locally or internationally;
  • The added potential benefit of being able to make video phone calls, if you so choose;
  • The ability to keep your own phone number (in some cases);
  • Being able to better collaborate and communicate, whether with clients far away or even remote employees;
  • Lots of great features without having to pay any extra for them.

Popular VoIP Providers

Some of the most popular VOIP providers are companies you have probably already heard of. Skype, Vonage, and Google lead the pack. All of these services are very affordable, and can be used on either phones or through computers. These services are also very customer friendly and simple to use. They even have components that work on smartphones. Other services, like Viber or MagicApp, are designed to be specifically used with smartphones. Before you start using any of these services, be sure to give them a call. Find out more about pricing, business services, and technology requirements before choosing one.

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