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Can YouTube Open the Doors to a Career in Entertainment?


Over the years, there have been a lot of celebrities that have developed entertainment careers through the use of YouTube. As millions of people visit the site on a regular basis, this social hub gives virtually anyone a platform to entertain and inform specific target audiences. However, not everyone on this website turns into a pop sensation. Although there are many that make a living posting daily videos, there are many more that haven’t broken into that realm of popularity.


Most of the popular celebrities on YouTube invest in methods of self-marketing and promotion. After all, no one is going to watch you if they don’t know you’re there. While uploading videos with catchy titles may be beneficial to attract viewers, it’s the marketing inside and out of YouTube that makes the difference. This is a never-ending process that expands your reach to other social sites, blogs and various media venues. This includes using other social sites, blogging regularly, promoting your channel and practicing good tags and descriptions in order to engage search results within the site.

The Right Place…

Some celebrities of YouTube get their start by being in the right place at the right time. Whether this is a social event or a political venue, kickstarting an entertainment career could be the effect of viral videos seen by the right people. Some individuals such as Stephen Wynn are often included in movie productions thanks to their connections with locations that are ideal for filming. If you’re easy to work with, people will want to keep including your establishment or presence. Unfortunately, being at the right place with the right viewers is difficult as situations could be seemingly random.

Growing Popularity

Through developing popularity in YouTube, you can attract sponsors and create a stream of income through ad revenue. However, this process could take an incredibly long amount of time. While some people have a natural air that makes them likeable, others try too hard and wind up failing at developing a following. Unique methods of delivering content are often the best routes to take when trying to create a presence on YouTube. As long as you’re able to deliver material in an entertaining and unique way, your popularity could begin to grow in a short amount of time. As most success is derived from word-of-mouth and marketing, growing your popularity could be a difficult hill to climb.

Being Yourself is More Engaging

As mentioned earlier, trying too hard to be entertaining usually has the opposite effect. Not everyone is cut out to become a sensational success in the entertainment business. One of the most prolific and common tips that celebrities of YouTube offer viewers aspiring to be popular is to “be yourself.” Trying too hard to emulate someone’s success may be detrimental to your own. Many of these celebrities worked on their abilities over the span of years. Being yourself keeps you focused, on task and natural – which is how most YouTube celebrities behave.

Putting yourself on YouTube can be greatly rewarding for a beginning in the entertainment industry. As long as you don’t go into the process believing you’ll make it rich overnight, you may have a decent level of success. Don’t try to push yourself to be entertaining. let your talents come naturally, and your visitors may actually help shape what it is you want to do with your career.

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