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Best Gadgets and Services For Summer Blogging

Summer Beach Gadgets

Blogs began nearly 2 decades ago as a medium for individuals to share personal thoughts, experiences and feelings with a vast online world whose citizens they’ve never met. In the years since, they’ve transformed into a medium for information exchange where authors of all backgrounds and expertise convert their knowledge into a profitable business.

Today, there’s a blog for every topic under the sun. For those who specialize in traveling, action sports, or those for whom writing outside of the home is the preferred method, as the summer approaches so too does the need to stock up on the tools and equipment required for the best mobile blogging experience.


Whether you’re providing travel tips or reviewing destinations for your audience, if your blog is centered on travel, making sure you have the best and most accurate GPS is a must. High-end models that offer 3D renderings of your surroundings and real-time traffic updates are ideal for increased efficiency.

Mobile Hotspot

Having the option of updating your blog on the go is the best way to increase efficiency. Loyalty is built when an audience trusts you as a source for the most up-to-date information, so having a mobile hotspot is always a good idea. Nowadays cities are investing in providing free WiFi to neighborhoods, and there are always coffee shops and fast food restaurants that provide the service to customers, but when you’re on the road or out of range of any public WiFi network, your mobile hotspot will serve as a welcome last resort.


The importance of backing up your data can never be understated. If you write for your blog while on the go, investing in a solid state drive, which is built to withstand damage standard hard drives cannot, is a wise business decision. And for the blogger who’s within range of an open WiFi network or who has their own mobile hotspot, cloud storage is a faster, easier way to backup data.

Additional accessories like screen shields, cases and cover protectors for your devices, or action cameras for the adventure bloggers, are also important tools to have stored in your “work bag.” Online retail stores like BlueSkyFun offer a product lineup that includes these items and more. So as summer, the official travel season, approaches, bloggers can only benefit by investing in their business today to increase efficiency tomorrow.

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