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Binge-watchers, Here’s How to Reverse Blue Light Damage!

Binge-watching - How Reverse Blue Light Damage

In times where weekends and weekdays are all the same, video streaming services are the only ones that keep us going. Yes, I am talking about Netflix, ITV Hub, Disney+, YouTube, and Prime and how all of these have become our favourite places to be!

If you are a Netflix regular, you can agree that there are two things you do most often: night-long watching sprees and the never-ending scrolling to find a new show to watch. But for those who don’t love Netflix all that much,  you’re sure to have gone down the YouTube hole for a few hours even when you had to watch only one video. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have any great recommendations about the best shows to watch on Netflix and Prime. But we do have some tips on how to reverse the blue light damage that has been caused by all these hours of binge-watching. Yes, we know you don’t want to miss out on any good shows or your daily dose of YouTube. And we do have some suggestions that can reduce the negative side-effects of blue light emitted in large amounts from your computer, smartphone and smart screens.

What is blue light?

This is a question that may have been popping in your mind.

Blue light is a light that forms a part of the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is emitted from all light sources, be it the sun or the LED lights in your room. All digital devices you use also give out blue light.

What are the negative effects of blue light?

 Blue light is generally not harmful. But, spending a few hours non-stop on screens can cause this usually harmless blue light to cause some adverse effects. Research shows that blue light exposure from screens may cause the following:

  • Possible retinal damage and increased chances of age-related macular degeneration

Most of the UV light from the sun is blocked by the cornea and lens in the eye. But, blue light from screens doesn’t get blocked by our eyes and can directly damage the cells of the retina. Unfortunately, we are unsure of how much blue light can cause severe side effects and whether or not computer glasses can help prevent the damage.

  • Disruption of circadian rhythms

Your circadian rhythms are responsible for regulating your sleep cycles and are controlled by a hormone called melatonin. Spending too much time on screens can reduce the production of melatonin in your body. This means that you are going to stay awake longer at night. Knowing how to reverse blue light damage from the screens has, therefore, become important.

  • Digital Eye Strain

Many people have headaches, blurred vision, red eyes, and dry eyes when they spend too long staring at screens. So, watching too many hours of YouTube or Disney+ in a single go can cause severe headaches and eye strain due to the blue light exposure. And this kind of strain is termed as the Digital Eye Strain. 

How to reverse blue light damage?

If spending a lot of time on screens has become normal for you, you know you need to find a way to let the blue light stop affecting your eyes. Because, frankly speaking, stopping watching Netflix was never an option!

xblue light blocking glasses Binge-watchers, Here’s How to Reverse Blue Light Damage!

We have a few suggestions on how to reverse blue light damage. You can use these tips to help your eyes recuperate from the damage.

The most important one is to buy blue light glasses. Although a lot of people aren’t convinced about blue light glasses, they do work for a lot of people and they can work for you too. And if you’re looking for designer frames for glasses,  Specscart have great quality blue light protection coatings available for a reasonable price.

Other things you can do to prevent blue light damage are: reduce your screen times, organise your workstation ergonomically and follow the 20-20-20 rule. These are long-term practices that take time to become a daily routine. So for now, buying designer glasses with prescription and blue light protection coating from Specscart is the best option you have. 

Yes, you need to scroll for blue light glasses on Specscart before you scroll through YouTube and Netflix finding what to watch next!

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