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Get Employee Feedback During Virtual Meetings

How To Get Employee Feedback During Virtual Meetings

The benefits of virtual meetings are well documented. They allow organizations to save money on travel, they make it easier for remote workers to participate, and they allow people who would otherwise have to work at the same time to have more flexibility in their schedules. But there’s one major drawback of hosting virtual meetings: …

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virtual meeting

Advantages of Virtual Meetings

During the pandemic, many businesses had to quickly adapt to ways of continuing both work and collaboration efficiently while being unable to go into the office. Virtual meetings have been around for quite some time but adoption and usage increased significantly during this period. However, this shift in how businesses conduct themselves had been long …

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productivity apps for freelancers working from anywhere

15 Essential Productivity Apps for Freelancers

Communication, time and project management, file storage and sharing, and note-taking tools are most important to freelancers. We’ve rounded up the best productivity applications and tools that every freelancer needs.

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