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Can Anyone Predict Google’s Next Move? (Infographic)

SEO Stats 2018

Search engine optimization is an exciting field, a study of harnessing a powerful, living and constantly evolving entity that is the Internet and search engines.

Long before we went online, computer searches were a part of our lives. For example, if you wished to search for a book in the library, there’s a number of ways you could find it: by author, subject, title and so forth. Simple, right?

It’s fascinating to look back and see how everything has evolved when it comes to online searching. It started out simple enough with Archie, the first search engine that went online in the early 90s, giving rise to entities like America Online (remember those demo Cds?), Yahoo, Lycos, Netscape to the modern giants we know today like Google and the everyday AI that helps us find exactly what we’re looking for – like Siri and Cortana.

The Growth of Search Engines

As search engines grew more complex with the dawn of the internet and artificial intelligence, while finding what you’re looking for grew debatably much easier. However, making your website, your business, your anything stand out among the crowd grew complex. As a business or website owner, you’re literally chasing the spirit of the times, hoping to stay ahead of the constantly changing and evolving nature of the internet and its search engines.

You and I rely on search engines to draw traffic to our sites, customers to our business and revenue to feed our bottom lines. It’s just a fact! Optimizing your online presence for top placement in search engines is about more than paying for advertising and having the correct keywords in all the right places.

Don’t feel too overwhelmed, though. Unless you have an unusually high IQ and are always up on the cutting edge of search engine optimization (and perhaps more than a little bit of clairvoyance), it’s very difficult if not impossible to predict what SEO’s next move is going to be.

However, knowledge is power, and we have plenty of information to help you succeed and stay on the crest of the next wave. Check out the infographic below and gain more knowledge on the topic of search engine optimization!

SEO Statistics in 2018

Infographic: SEO Stats 2018

Infographic URL: https://seotribunal.com/blog/stats-to-understand-seo/

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