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Change The Way You Shave With Electric Razors

person shaving

Shaving is an important, quite intimate part of the grooming regime, but one which can affect how confident people feel in their daily lives. Yet it can be a time-consuming routine, time which we do not always feel we have. Electric razors are worthwhile investments and are perfect if you’re always in a rush because they enable a clean shave in half the time. Time saved on shaving is time gained elsewhere in a busy schedule.

grandpa shaving

A simple and portable shave

The said shaving tools do away with the shaving foam, water and blades of a more traditional wet shave. There is no more running out of disposable blades too, just a razor that runs off rechargeable batteries. This makes them so much more portable for leisure and business trips, taking up less space in any luggage. Most hotels will have electric sockets for a razor if the batteries run down anyway.

closer faster smoother shave


Kinder on the face

Another benefit of the electric razor over a standard blade is removing the chance of cuts and nicks to the skin. However careful you may be while wet shaving, every now and then the blade will leave its mark. Wet shaving also tends to be less forgiving on sensitive skin, so an it can reduce the likelihood of irritating razor burn.


Some of the new models can actually withstand water, and can be taken in to the shower, perfect for those who want the approach of wet shaving with the time-saving convenience of a modern day gadget.

Financial incentives

After the initial outlay on an electric razor the only further expenditure might be on a replacement foil or head, and possibly any specialized cleaning items. However, over the long run this should work out better then the frequent replacement of razor blades and purchase of shaving foam.

close shave

We are always looking for time-saving ways to supplement busy lifestyles, and changing to the said shaving accessory could make that morning routine work better for us. Then, just as we are about to leave the house we spot a bit missed while shaving, as so often happens. At least with an electric shaver, these touch-ups are a quick remedy before setting off for the day ahead.

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